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‘Real Touch’
Flowers That Last Forever

Forever Flowering offer complete lifelike floral arrangements set in artificial water. 
 Having flowers in your home or office place are known to boost mood, creativity and energy. 
Forever Flowering take the best of nature, remove the mess and leave you enjoying your favourite flowers anytime of year.

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Forever Flowering Real Touch Flowers always look fresh and vibrant.

Decorate your home with your favourite flowers all year around.


Value For Moneyff_logo2_black2 2

Fresh flowers can cost up to $80 a bunch and only last 2 weeks.

Forever Flowering arrangements last forever, come in a vase and are set in artificial water.

Maintenance Free
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Our arrangements will never wilt, leaves won’t fall and pollen won’t stain your furniture.

You don’t ever need to rehydrate your flowers either!

Allergy Free
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Forever Flowering artificial flowers are non-allergenic and non toxic.

They are also free of nasty pesticides that can cause headaches, nausea, rashes and asthma.

Australia Wide
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Each arrangement in custom made to order in Melbourne.

We ship our arrangements to beautiful homes all around Australia. Our flowers come in a vase set with artificial water.

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Our ‘Real Touch’ flowers look and feel just like the real thing! 

Unlike poor quality substitutes, Forever Flowering artificial arrangements have even fooled florists. Check our range now!

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