Choosing the colours for the wedding is one of the first things every bride thinks about during planning. The colours you choose for your special event can present a mood that will be carried out for the day. It also showcases the couple’s combined personality and helps guests decide on what to wear upon invitation. Wedding colour trends come and go, so if you’re currently on the lookout for the best one that suits your event, read through the following suggestions and see which one fits you the best…



If you’re the type of bride who’s not very keen about a traditional, white-themed wedding, then picking nude colours might be the best option for you. Earthy nude tones combined with natural colours are good choices when you want something fresh and calming. They’re a few shades closer to white, so they can look just as elegant. Nude tones match any skin colour very well, so it’ll look just as good as it will be on your beautiful bridesmaids and wedding entourage!


Pair your nude colour combinations with organic materials such as wood, hammered gold, bronze, marble, plants, and anything that you think represents nature. But if you’re more interested in the elegant side of nude tones, gather colours that are suitable matches such as ivory, taupe, coffee, cream, and many others. If you’re into sultry tones, you may even mix deeper tones such as violet, pomegranate, rust, and velvets into the mix.



Since 2015, using the gold motif on weddings has been alive and popular. And why not? Gold is a very striking colour and it represents luxury and prestige. Specks of gold not only make things glow and look magical, they’re also good for providing contrast to other deeper set colours. Among these colours are rose/blush, lavender, emerald, and white. Rose/blush combined with gold will give your wedding that vintage, Victorian feel. Lavender paired with gold, but to represent spring and time renewal.  Another good option is emerald which gives a picture of royalty and luxurious summertime greenery. And finally, white mixed with gold can combine both pureness, royalty, and matrimony altogether. While some of the colours mixed together with gold seem to match with the seasons specifically, white seems to be the perfect colour to complement this event.


Jewel Tones

Jewel tones. They’re not just perfect for an Avengers-themed kiddie party, they’ll look nice on your bridesmaids and overall decor as well. But maybe not all of the jewel tones. Pick one or two that matches the other in an elegant fashion together with several other elements that work well to give your wedding that royal touch. Among these jewel shades include emeralds, deep purples, ruby reds, and citrine yellows. These jewel tones are even more charming to see together with wood, polished metals, silk, or velvet textures.



Greys will probably be the last colours you’ll be thinking about when you’re deciding on the colours for your wedding. They seem sad and too monotonous for some, but grey can be an impressive colour for a fun celebration especially as it’s becoming very popular among grooms, bridesmaids, and members of the wedding entourage. Once used alongside contrasting colours such as white, yellow, magenta, citrines, purple, and the latest addition to surprising bridal colours, black!


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