Creating or designing a wedding arch is important for every wedding ceremony. Some weddings may do without it, but some are very keen on having them added by the altar. Not only do they present a romantic and interesting touch, they also provide a nice frame of perspective to the event itself for both the photographers and videographers to the invited guests. So if you’re thinking of having a wedding arch added to your event and you’re out of flower arch options, here are some of the ways you can create and plan your own wedding arch…


Decide whether you want to purchase or rent an arch

  • Buying

Whether it’s because of your busy schedule or your caterer can’t give you the wedding arch that you want, it’s always an option to buy one and get one made by professionals. This applies mainly to those couples with limited flower arch design choices or those with bigger budgets. Some couples even buy their own arches so that they can reuse, keep as a souvenir, or monetize them (through reselling) after the wedding. Many shops in the wedding business cater to creating custom wedding arches. They can create wedding arches that fit the space that your wedding will be held on. They can also create custom shapes and sizes that follow the specific theme of your wedding. No matter how large or creative you want your wedding arches to be, there is always a professional that specialise in them and can provide you with exactly what you envisioned them to be. If it’s not possible around your area, always search online and compare prices. You’ll never know if you can see an even better option at a more affordable price online. Just make sure to check delivery dates and lead times so as to not interfere with the scheduled date for your wedding ceremony.

  • Renting

Perfect for one-time usage, renting your wedding arch is another option that every couple with a limited budget should look into. This is also perfect for weddings with limited venue spaces. Most wedding arch rental businesses are the same people you can rent your tables and chairs from. So if it’s something you wish to use for a few hours, then it’s also best to ask them for any options.

  • Creating your own

It doesn’t require complete mastery of woodworking or metal works to create your own wedding arch. All you need to remember is that it will take time (especially lead time), effort (not just yours), and money to make this project a success. You can search through the internet to find wedding arch ideas that fit your style and theme. Also, make sure to find something that you know you can build on your own or with others who are willing to lend you a hand at this project. Other points to consider are the weight and safety of the materials you’ll be using. You may find the best materials at craft stores, garden supply shops, and some hardware stores. If you want to give it a more natural touch, you can always use tree branches around your area that look rustic and are not a safety hazard.


Plan for safety

Hanging objects is always a safety hazard around wedding guests big or small. You want your wedding arch to be stylish yet sturdy. You wouldn’t want any of your guests to go home with a bump on their head, would you? Assure your wedding arches’ safety by creating ways to prevent them from toppling over. This includes making the foundations heavy and strong. Some would pour cement on the bottom while others would fill concealed metal buckets with rocks, quick-dry cement, or gravel. This way, no gust of wind or overly jolly guest can topple your wedding arches over.


Decide the type of decor you’ll be using

Once you’ve figured out what colour you’ll be using for your wedding’s theme, next would be determining the decorations you’ll be using. You always have a choice in materials of whether they’re natural, plastic, or made with other types of media. But for weddings, there’s always a choice between fresh flowers or artificial flowers.

  • Real flowers

There’s something about real, fresh flowers on a wedding arch that makes the whole event look lively and elegant to every guest that lays their eyes on it. As beautiful as flowers are, they can be heavy on the pockets. This is because they need to be grown, cultivated, and prepared many days or weeks before your event. Another reason is that they’re something the florists can take back and reuse for other future clients since they’re organic and they wither. But they don’t always have to cost you too much. While some brides can benefit from the flowers from their own gardens, they always have the choice to select simpler flowers that cost less, but still look attractive. Another option is to use more greenery rather than flowers. These include ferns, dusty millers, seeded eucalyptus, tepees, ornamental leaves, and other organic greeneries that you think will make your flowers and wedding colours pop!

  • Artificial flowers

If you thought that artificial flowers and greens trend died after the ’90s, think twice! More and more brides and wedding organisers have started using artificial flowers as a vital element of the weddings they decorate and create. And why wouldn’t they? Artificial flowers are very exquisite-looking when mixed and matched creatively. Modern variants have started to look very close to the real ones, making them a better option to many. Other convenient features of these kinds of flowers are that they don’t wilt, nor do they go out of season. So if it’s summer and you’re wanting to have your favourite winter season flowers on display, you can make it happen with artificial variants! You may even be able to take them home after the ceremony to display around the house or give to guests as additional keepsakes. They even adjust to fit the colour scheme that your wedding has! You want purple roses or pink ferns? You name it, they’ve got it!

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