We’re in an era where artificial flowers are no longer perceived as cheap or tacky. Instead, they’re decorative, delightful to the eyes, and highly preferred. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re available all season, they never wilt, they won’t cause any allergies, and they’re not disposable at all. It shouldn’t come as a surprise why so many establishments and businesses would prefer to use them over organic flowers. Here are some of the places that incorporate artificial flower arrangements to decorate their special lounge areas…



Artificial flowers used to be something any bride wouldn’t even think about using on her most special day. But today, artificial arrangements are on every wedding organiser’s top list of decor elements. These flower arrangements prove to be very handy especially in destination weddings or weddings celebrated abroad and in remote areas such as private islands. This is because shipping organic flowers can be expensive. Access to organic flowers can be limited and scarce especially if the wedding is held in seclusion. Another benefit of going artificial is satisfying the couples’ floral preferences. Some flowers are not in bloom all year-round, making it almost impossible to have them available to decorate the wedding. But with artificial flowers, any flower, no matter the season or country it blooms in, can be arranged for the event without any issues.


Luxury Boutiques

Having high standards for everything from the interiors to their decor, luxury boutiques invest money in making sure that everything looks top class. Boutiques will always want their stores to display the same elegance and luxury as their products and services. And to do this, they create illusions through plush furniture, elegant lighting, crystalline mirrors and windows, and even beautiful, life-like artificial flower arrangements for decor. 


Corporate Offices

Corporate offices are no longer the stuffy, tailor-cut offices from the 90s that can’t be identified from one company to the other. Modern office designs have migrated from plain, identical architecture and interiors to designs that exude the “wow factor” yet still sticks to the company’s branding. To spruce up these offices, artificial flower arrangements are also added in every meeting room, desk, lobby, and private offices to give each room more life and a friendlier vibe. 



To keep the energy alive in hospitals, their interiors will always need not just dependable and caring doctors, nurses, and staff, but a fresh reminder to patients and visitors of the importance of life and health. To make sure the flowers don’t cause allergies or other health concerns, hospitals make use of elegant artificial flower arrangements in lieu of organic variants. This way, the flowers in all areas are always fresh, beautiful, and alive.


Cruise Lines

Out in the sea for longer periods of time, it’s always a must for everything to appear as if they’ve never been a day older since the first voyage. While the captain maintains everything from the ship’s overall functionality to its crew and its guests, aesthetics come to play to make sure the atmosphere inside the ship is less of seafaring but more of elegant comfort. While displaying organic decor such as plants and flowers can give off the “as if you never left land” vibe, maintaining them can be tricky and costly. Flowers wilt easily and plants can suffer from different issues that coincide with temperatures. So while keeping the decor authentic is nice, these can contribute to presentability and costs. This is why most cruise lines will almost always opt for artificial flower arrangements. They never wilt, they always look alive, and staff don’t need to pay extra attention to them.

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