5 Reasons why flower arrangements make the perfect gift!

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Flowers are decorative, colourful and they make the most memorable gifts!

If you’re hesitating on why they make the perfect gifts, here are 5 reasons why our flower arrangements should to be your go-to present!


Floral gifts are universal

No matter the occasion, there’s a flower intended to celebrate it. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries, birthdays, or a wake, there’s always a type of flower people associate their emotions with.


Silk Flowers are symbolic

Flowers are not simply meant to be given out with the idea of its meaning. Their varying colours also have something to do with the symbol they want to convey. For roses, a red one would mean love or affection, yellow would mean friendship, peach would mean gratitude, white would mean sincerity (especially in apologies), and pink would mean admiration.


Flowers have been scientifically proven to make us happy

Simply seeing flowers can boost chemicals within our brain that has to do with our happiness: serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. Serotonin is a chemical in our brain that’s boosted when we feel a sense of social importance. So when you receive flowers, which is used as a form of stimuli for attention, you get a feeling of importance. You feel that someone is thinking of you and has an emotion they want to convey, thus making you a focus of attention for some. Oxytocin is boosted when a person feels romantic love, social trust, maternal love, or solidarity from a group of people. Last but not the least, dopamine is a chemical that’s boosted when we feel  the need to expect a reward. Flowers boost our dopamine because in the early age, it triggered a sense of reward to our earliest ancestors since it symbolised the coming of spring (abundance) after long periods of winter and hunger.


Flowers make good last minute gifts

Flowers are especially handy for the most forgetful of people. Do you often forget your anniversary or someone’s birthday today? They why not purchase some of our our real-touch flower arrangements and keep them on hand! They never need water and will look amazing whether you gift them now or in a year!


Flowers can be strangers to gender

Flowers are perfect for get well soon moments and hospitals love them as they need no watering and don’t drop pollen. Our artificial stems can even be repurposed as part of their home decor when they’re feeling better. They’re also perfect for funerals and weddings when the recipents are male, female, young or old. Flowers are just so very flexible. Sometimes, it’s not the idea of flowers as decoration that’s special to the recipient, but the thought that someone appreciates them enough to go through this length of giving hem the attention they deserve.


Has our list of reasons why flower arrangements make amazing gifts inspired you to send a flower arrangement to someone special? If it did, please feel free to share your style on our Facebook page!


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