Planning for the flowers you’ll be showcasing for your centrepiece can be quite tricky

There are so many points to consider that you’ve never thought you’d have to encounter before

Here’s some of the ways you can choose your centrepiece’s colours the easy way…


Consider the nature of the event

Is it your grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary? Your brother’s graduation party? Then maybe your idea of incorporating loud, neon colours might not be your best choice after all. Unless they prefer it, of course! But as much as possible, try to stick to the “feel” of the event. Sure you can try to experiment here and there, but consider the event’s theme as much as you can to prevent any disappointment or comments for lack of taste.


Consult with the experts in colour

If you’re not particularly the best at choosing colours and there are no experts to help you, why not consult the nearest paint store professionals? Look through sample paint chips to help mix and match every element and flower involved in your centrepiece. The colours you’ll use for napkins, plates, cutleries, and tablecloths will come into play as well, so make sure to consider the colours you’ll be using for them as well.


Go with the natural

Especially for more formal events like weddings and corporate events, making use of artificial flower arrangements in their natural colour is the best way to go. Not only do they look less tacky or cheap, but they transfer well in photos.


Limit your colours to 2 or 3

Unless  a burst of colours is the event’s theme, try and limit your centrepiece’s colours to 2 or 3. This will bring more sophistication and class to every table, making them look well-planned and thought about. It’s less intimidating to look at as well. You want people to tell you how simple and elegant your centrepiece is, not how busy and distracting it looks.


Use the colours you like and decide from there

Everyone has a colour they prefer the most. Some florists have even optimised their websites to helps customers look through available flowers and arrangement using colours, seasons, and even the specific flower species themselves. Plan the centrepiece’s colours and motifs around the colours you like and prefer and juxtapose it with the feel of the event. If it looks awkward, rethink it. If you think it’s workable, try your best to work around it.


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