Artificial flowers are beautiful as they are, but without a proper container or a vase, you won’t be able to see its full potential. There are many things you need to consider before you choose the proper vase for your arrangements. These are colours, textures, themes, and also their sizes. Choosing a vase can make or break your arrangement. For example, some flowers will look good in a clear vase, but if you need to cut great portions of the flowers’ stem or if the texture doesn’t match the overall feel of the blooms, it won’t be very successful. To help you identify which vases go with which artificial arrangements and flowers, here’s a quick list to guide you…


Round Vases

If your artificial blooms have short stems and have bigger volumes, then it’s probably best to use a round vase for them. Round vases can help the stems spread out without ruining the arrangement at the top. Among those that suit this type of vase are roses, lilies, and small tulips. 

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Tapered Vases

Long-stemmed artificial flowers and arrangements? These kinds of artificial blooms will look best on a tapered vase. Tapered vases are known to have wide bottoms and narrow necks. This type of vase will look exquisite with flowers that tower over other blooms. They also help feature other blooms that may come with the arrangement. 

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Bud Vases

If your artificial flowers are either individual stems or small buds in groups, then the bud vase is the right option for keeping it. Bud vases are characterised by their small sizes and their vintage look. This is because they are identical (or maybe they are) to jam jars or water glasses. They are usually seen in simple restaurants where 1 stem of a flower is used for decorating each table, giving off that vintage look.

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Flared Vases

For bigger artificial flower arrangements, it’s best to utilise a flared vase. This type of vase is the complete opposite of a tapered vase. Having a wide neck and a narrow bottom, flared vases are popular among those who wish to display huge bunches of artificial flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, and orchids.  They create an illusion of a sort of waterfall once the flowers are cut and decorated in a waterfall shape.

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Pitcher Vases

In its name, pitcher vases are the type of vases that look like a pitcher of water. Pitcher vases are commonly used with artificial blooms that have soft and delicate stems. Because the stems can easily break, the spout and rim of the pitcher vase can support the bigger head of the bulb of flowers. People usually use this vase to bunch up delicate-stemmed flowers without the need to strengthen the soft stem. When the buds are bunched together and the lower layer is leaning on the pitcher rim for support, there is an absolute guarantee that the stems won’t break and the buds will fall into the pitcher itself.

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