Dried flowers have become so popular ever since people have developed ways to preserve their good quality and their vibrant, original colours. There are several reasons why people would want to dry their flowers, among them is to preserve the memory of receiving them, the occasion surrounding the need for flowers, or even the person who gave them. While it’s nice to receive them, their organic nature makes it difficult to keep them forever. Luckily, there are methods to preserve them, the popular being drying. 

Here are some of the most fun and interesting ways you can try when drying your flowers…


Press them

Pressing flowers to dry them is one of the most ancient ways of creating preserved flowers. While this isn’t the most efficient way to keep the color and scent intact, it can definitely help retain the petals, stem, and sometimes the texture of the flower. There are many ways to press flowers, the most popular is pressing them in between books or other types of paper-based materials. After pressing them for a given amount of time (preferably 7 to 10 days), you can carefully arrange them in frames, stick them on greeting cards, even add them to bookmarks.


Add them into bath bombs

To make your bath bombs even more attractive and organic, you can make use of dried flowers as added ingredients. This will not only give your bath bombs a touch of contrast, it will also add texture and nice, natural scents. Once the bath bomb has melted into the water, you can expect pieces of dried flowers floating above the water, adding a sense of luxury in every bath. 


Hang them on the wall

Another traditional way of preserving flowers is by aerating and hanging them by bunches on the wall. Putting them on a vase isn’t good enough as it won’t receive as much air as it would if it were hung from a higher elevation. Hanging to dry your flowers will also add colour and character to any room, making it livelier and fresher at the same time.


Make creative, seasonal wreaths or decoration items

While factory-produced wreaths are a popular choice for many who want affordable decorations for annually-recurring occasions, making your own wreaths doubles the affordability and attractiveness of the decorative item. One way to create your own for free and thrifty version is by sourcing the flowers yourself and weaving them into a wreath that channels your own creativity and the holiday spirits involved in the occasion it’s being made for. Using dried flowers for wreaths are good for any event as they’re flexible, colorful, and available every season. You may even turn them into attractive dried flower arrangements that are compliment-worthy and are bona fide conversation starters. 


Decorate candles with them

Other than wreaths, making your own candles are good experiences on their own. To make the activity even more exciting, add bits of dried flowers that can make them look luxurious, elegant, and creative. There are two ways you can accomplish this: one would be adding them into the molds while you pour hot candle wax into it or you could paint them into the surface of the already molded candles with a paint brush, a non-flammable adhesive, and melted wax.


Make potpourri

Dried flowers are not only good for adding colour and texture to your bath bombs and candles, they also make good scents for homemade potpourri. To do this, dry your favorite aromatic flowers under the sun or with the use of an oven. You may also dry aromatic elements like citrus fruits and herbs that can boost the potpourri’s ability to fill the room with scent. Once they’re all dried, place them in one container, add essential oils, and make any room smell amazing.


Use them as custom scents

Similar to potpourri, you can use dried flowers as additional ingredients to scents you’d like to develop. Do this by adding a cup of dried flowers into a bowl with 1 tablespoon of salt and a cup of baking soda. You may also add in scented oils that are minty and citrusy to enhance the scents a bit more. 


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