It’s common knowledge that artificial flowers vary in shapes, colors, sizes, and even species

But not all of them are made to look real

To help you choose which ones can resemble the real ones best, here’s a list of what you need to look out for…


Do you research before you buy them

Having an idea of what the real version of your chosen flowers look like is just as important as finding ones that don’t look tacky and lifeless. Make sure the best flower arrangement you’ve chosen matches the color, shape, and sizes of the flowers and their leaves before you buy them. Also look out for any odd details that mismatch what natural flowers would have such as the way they grow in stems and the kinds of flowers that will grow on each stem.


Avoid buying flowers with weird details

We’ve all seen those flowers with the fake dew drops/water droplets attached elaborately to the leaves. Other flowers even have small flowers such as baby’s breath buds to make them look more lively and realistic. The problem with this is that not only do they make the flowers look tacky, they seem more plastic as well. But if these are the only aspects that you dislike about the arrangement, try peeling them off to see if you’ll still like them.


Go for arrangements with naturalistic stems

The thing about most plastic arrangements is that they’re wired separately and twisted in one thick plastic which will then create a single stem. Flowers usually grow in individual stems, so you may be able to fix it on your own by separating them and coating them individually with naturalistic-looking plastic or tape.


Mix and match with real flowers

One of the easiest ways to make artificial flowers look realistic is by arranging them like real flowers that are not necessarily the same kind or species. If they look good together, then it’s probably worth arranging them together and setting them in artificial water. Not only will you save up on buying more flowers that will soon wither, you’ll be able to have flowers all year round as well.


Select flowers of the same color

One way of saving up on buying organic flowers is buying an artificial flower of your favourite colour and then buying other organic flowers of the same color and different breeds. As mentioned, the artificial flowers will look real beside the organic, real ones.


Separate bunches of artificial flowers

You don’t always have to stick to what came with the package. Artificial flowers are almost always sold in bunches. So if they are, remember that you always have option to separate them and bunch them with different stems to form an even better arrangement.


Make the right investment

Buying artificial flowers online or at the shops can be expensive at times especially when they’re the highly realistic variants. We understand that not everyone have the exact budget for this, but think about the long-term effects for a while. Imagine how a cheaper, tacky-looking arrangement would look in your free space. But with a luxury artificial flower arrangement of a higher price point, there’s no question that it’ll look so much better.

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