For Spring (September, October, and November)

Spring marks the start of a new beginning. So why not celebrate the season with an arrangement consisting of Daisies, Lilies, Tulips, Sweet Peas, and Lilacs? Our real touch tulips come in so many amazing colours, even a few single stems look amazing on their own in a thin vase! With our fake flowers, you’ll never have to worry about your spring blooms looking anything but amazing!

Forever Flowering offers the following spring-themed artificial flower arrangements:


For Summer (December, January, and February)

Summer calls for high temperatures, visits to the local beaches and vivid colours. Spread the tropical vibe at home by displaying a flower arrangement composed of Kangaroo Paws, Hydrangeas, Proteas, and Daisies that says it for you. Don’t worry about the heat but we do recommend not leaving arrangements in full hot sun, just to avoid natural fading over time. Rotating your 360 degree arrangements is also helpful to avoid spot fading.

Forever Flowering offers the following summer-themed artificial flower arrangements:

  • Matilda (wattle blossoms, mimosa wattle, kangaroo paw, red leucospermum, eucalyptus gumnut leaves, and twigs)
  • Dawn (banksia, coccinea, kangaroo paw, gum leaves, twigs and leucadendron)
  • Jane (proteas, gum nuts, eucalyptus leaves, feather flower, leucospermum, and flower spray)

Location Hint!

Don’t forget guests often use your bathroom .. a small arrangement on the vanity, corner bath or window sill makes for a fresh and appealing bathroom!


Has this blog inspired you to decorate your home with an Australian-inspired flower arrangement for each season? Let’s see your home! Check out our Arrangements and Stems pages to see how life like these amazing products truly are.

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