It’s popular to receive and give flowers on special occasions—the same with the celebration of the Yuletide season. Guests, friends and family members spell adoration to everyone by giving them a bouquet. 

If you receive one this Christmas season, you may have a hard time deciding on how to preserve such a cherished bouquet. Fortunately, we’ve gathered top crafts for an old bouquet that is easy and fun to make. 


Preserving It Through Drying or Pressing

The oldest trick in the book is the art of drying and pressing flowers. Drying and pressing is the easiest way of preserving the beauty of a bouquet. In the process of drying, you individually hang the flowers until the moisture from each bud is dried out. 

On the other hand, pressing requires each bud from a bouquet to be pressed by two heavy objects. In the simplest terms, pressing is like sandwiching a flower between two heavy items until it has no moisture. 


Crafting it Intro Fragrant Potpourri

Were you fortunate to receive fragrant bouquet recently? If you did, you must try crafting it into potpourri to preserve its scent and charm. The items you’re going to need for this are sheet pan, scissors, essential oil, parchment paper, a spray bottle and your choices of herbs, citrus fruits and spices. 

For the procedure, you can research online for the best and the most effective potpourri craft that you can try. 


Adding It as Wrapping Decoration

This season is a moment for gift-giving. If you want to make your gifts look memorable and feel extra special, why not recycle old flowers into add-ons on your wrapping decorations. 


Sending It as Greeting Cards

Letters, notes and greeting cards are not a thing of the past. In fact, it is always a classic choice for every season and every occasion. To make your greeting cards colourful and stunning, you can decorate it with dried or pressed flowers for a change. 

After all, it is almost impossible to see commercial greeting cards nowadays that has flowers on it. To make the greetings cards more special, write a handwritten message on it for a completely personal approach. 


Transforming it Through Resin Artworks

One of the most popular flower crafts to try today is resin artworks. Although this process calls for a complicated procedure and a whole array of materials, resin flower artworks are extremely durable and profitable. 

If you are interested in learning how to incorporate flowers into resin artworks, you can find tutorials on YouTube. 

Flowers are subject to the natural process of wilting, which makes every moment of its timeline precious to its audience. If you are using flowers for home décor purposes, opting for artificial choices is great for practicality and durability aspects. 


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