Guest Blogger: Laura on Silk Flowers

Guest Blogger: Laura on Silk Flowers

Find out what Laura from Stringalong Designs had to say about our artificial flower arrangements and silk flowers…

Flowers styled by Laura 1I’ve found the most perfect immortal flower arrangements – with silk flowers!!!

Over the years I’ve received many fresh flowers as gifts, well let’s face it people give other people flowers all the time; dinner parties, hospital visits, Valentine’s Day – you name it, and flowers are an appropriate, and appreciated, offering.

Not only is the act of giving someone flowers in itself a way of telling them they were on our minds, but the specific type of flower you send can be used to convey a particular meaning, for example the exchanging of red roses has been a symbol of love for many years.

Flowers styled by Laura 4But as lovely as they may be, they do eventually wilt and die and your left with nothing but a sad looking vase and a now empty hole in your décor, well that was until I came across  forever flowering!!

The amazingly lifelike silk flowers they use are seen to be believed!!

I literally couldn’t tell they were artificial the first time I set eyes on these arrangements.

I have a stunning arrangement that’s been set in lifelike artificial water giving the illusion of a fresh bouquet.

Flowers styled by Laura 2It’s a no-brainer, really. People use flowers to decorate their homes, workplaces and special events and we are all attracted to the symmetry, bright colours of particular flowers and why have a temporary décor piece when you can have a show-stopper for a lifetime!

Flowers styled by Laura 3

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