Artificial flower arrangements often benefit from a few add-ons now and then.

One example that never looks old is to use crystals in your vases!

Here’s all you need to know about amethyst crystals and a few reasons why they make a valuable addition to flower arrangements and interior design!


What are amethyst crystals?

Amethyst crystals have long been revered as a crystal with various benefits even during ancient times. This type of crystal can be found around the globe and are more popular in countries such as the north of Africa, Italy, the Middle East, and Greece.

Characterised by their unique purple colour, amethysts are made famous and distinctive from all the other crystals. This crystal allows for calming and meditation that’s needed for strengthening one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


What are the benefits of using amethyst crystals on your flower arrangements?

There are many benefits that one can get from using amethyst crystals in their flower arrangements. Other than improving psychic powers and emotional intelligence, this special crystal benefits users in the following aspects respectively:


  • Wealth

If you’re trying to build your wealth through business, amethyst are the best crystals to start off with. It also signifies wealth and abundance shared with others especially those who are close to you. This crystal will also help with focusing, good outputs, and creative ideas that will help anyone working in whichever field. It also promoted good and harmonious relationships within the office as well as financial prosperity, so it’s best to place them in significant areas in the workplace.


  • Health and Healing

Promoting vitality, this crystal is best given to people currently undergoing physical treatments such as ration therapy or chemotherapy. It’s also good for people with problems with their cardiovascular system., fertility, pancreas, lungs, spleen, and the reproductive organs. Helping strengthen the immune system, this crystal is also beneficial for detoxification, relieving stress, and speeding up recovery.  


  • Love and Relationships

Amethyst crystals are also known for their ability to help with emotional struggles by energising the person in order for them to understand their wants and needs in the relationship better. This crystal stimulates the emotions and allows the person to open more to the matters of the heart. The person will become more adept and empowered to feelings and positive emotions once exposed a significant amount of time to this type of crystal.


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