Rustic themes, like any other wedding theme, can be easy to pull off with the right effort and planning. But if you’ve made plans for the whole wedding itself and would like to incorporate the same theme on your bouquet and flowers, then we’ve got news for you! Here are a few guidelines you can follow when making one:


Consider the textures

Rustic elements mostly include organic textures that are raw, natural, and fresh. These textures make up and complete the entire theme. Among the most popular textures are wood, bark, leaves, lace, floral patterns, denim, and burlap. The rustic theme combines that rugged, natural, and untouched look. So the simpler you go, the better your output will look. Remember to blend the natural elements you find in country, farm, and garden themes together. These themes can provide you with all the texture ideas you’ll need.


Pick the right colours

Finding the right colours for your rustic wedding is just as important as finding the right textures and elements to go with the overall design. You want colours that compliment the textures you’ve selected. This includes colours such as greens, browns, whites, yellows, blues, peaches, and any colour that matches any rustic element imaginable.


Stick to the theme  

Know the difference between rustic and vintage because there are differences. Vintage weddings, in its name, are mostly composed of antiquated pieces from the themed ceramics to the lace decor. Basically, anything vintage and with old age character is quite fitting for this specific theme. It doesn’t necessarily mean the couple needs to go on the hunt for expensive pieces. If the pieces look vintage and decent enough, then they’ll definitely add nice touches to a vintage-themed wedding. As for the rustic themed wedding, although vintage can somehow overlap with rustic, they differ in a lot of ways. Rustic themes carry on farm life touches and naturalesque decor that defines a laidback and spiritual atmosphere.


Choose the right flowers

The right flowers aren’t always the ones that wither hours after your wedding ends. Sometimes, the best flower choices are those that may not be in season but show off the same vigour, vibrancy, and colour that your rustic-themed wedding lives for. For a guaranteed rustic look, try incorporating arrangements that have iconic and rustic-looking flowers such as Australian natives, banksias, wattle blossoms, eucalytptus, and etc.


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