Have you done someone wrong and are thinking about apologising with flowers?

You’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll give you tips on doing it the artificial way…

Here’s some of the ways you can do it the more classy way…


Learn about their favourite colours and flowers

It’s a known fact that not everyone likes red roses. It’s even the first choice of those who are buying them for any reason, so they’re not exactly the best flowers to start your apology with as it may seem lazy. But if the other person’s favourite flowers are red roses, that’s an exception. It’s also nice to introduce new kinds of flowers that may symbolise your intentions. The most popular apology flowers include carnations, orchids, hyacinths, and even tulips. So if you have no clue on what the other person likes, you may choose among those flowers to start off.  


The more flowers, the better

Remember this one rule about flowers: “More flowers doesn’t always mean higher cost.” But we’re not talking about a bunch of cheap flowers in a bunch. Better have fewer classy variants in a bouquet than cheap out on flowers in general. Luckily, you don’t have to think too hard on flower combinations. Most florists offer different selections of flowers in beautiful arrangements, so you won’t have to arrange them yourself. You only need to choose which arrangement looks good to you and what you think the other person may find appealing.


Make them last

Since you’re investing on this apology already, why not invest it on something that actually lasts? Sure it might remind the other person of what you’ve done before, but once you’re forgiven, the arrangement you got them will be a symbol of your renewed relationship brought about by the power of love and forgiveness. And it doesn’t have to look cheap either! There are tons of beautiful, luxury artificial flower arrangements in the market. You just have to choose the perfect one that asks forgiveness for you.  


Write the inscription on the card yourself

You want your apology to always be sincere. One way to do that is by writing the inscription on your bouquet’s card yourself. Don’t buy the easy way out and get one that’s machine-printed from the shop. The same goes to printing out your message on paper. Your recipient will base your sincerity from the amount of efforts you exert, so make every action count for as much as you can.


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