Life is short to celebrate milestones with friends and family. Every achievement, no matter how seemingly small or gigantic in proportions, needs to be celebrated. As such, a thoughtful gift is only fitting as a memento of an occasion. From the congratulations, happy birthday, merry Christmas and happy new year, a gift that embodies thoughtfulness and purpose is hard to find. 

The good thing is, gift hampers are created to minimise the inconvenience of gift-hunting. A gift hamper is a basketful of goodies and other items put together for the delight of the receiver. Nowadays, people are leaning towards the option of giving gift hampers because of its many advantages. 

If you’re planning to give one for any occasion and you want to make it personalised, the option you have left is to make it yourself. To help you with your gift hamper masterpiece, we compiled some tips for the greatest gift ever. 


Pick Out a Theme 

When choosing a theme for your gift hamper basket, here are some questions you need to consider. 

  • What is the occasion?
  • What are the interests, hobbies, and favourites of the receiver? 
  • What is the age of your receiver?
  • Is there a particular request made by the receiver when it comes to gifts?

For example, a sophisticated lady enjoying her 25th birthday will likely appreciate a Nicole Forever Champagne Gift Hamper. With a multitude of champagne, chocolate, cocktail, scented candle, bath salts, and face serum, it’s the ultimate pampering kit she needs for her special day. 


Decide on a Budget

Another great thing about creating a personalised gift hamper is that you can set a budget for it. You’ll be amazed (and quite relieved) that you can create such an intricate gift hamper without spending excessively. 

There are service providers that allow you to customise your gift hamper in accordance to your budget and instructions. You can try the “Forever Build Your Own” gift hampers if you don’t have any idea how to piece the items together. 

Luckily, there are service providers that thrive in giving you personalised solutions without the hassle. Forever Flowering offers a multitude of gift hampers such as “Missy Forever,” “Cathy Forever,” “Olivia Forever,” and “Delta Forever” sets. 

If you need a sophisticated, elegant, thoughtful and purposeful gift hamper, you can always reach out to Forever Flowering for more selections and personalised options. 

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