Instagram is the perfect place to create, share and view beautiful indoor spaces, especially when they feature artificial flower arrangements! The beautiful shots we’ve seen lately have inspired us to share a post on exactly how to create your very own insta-worthy snaps of your indoor spaces featuring forever flowers. Here are some of our favourite tips!


Lighting is everything!

First and foremost, lighting is the key to every great photo. Not only will it add some life and texture to your artificial flower arrangement, but it’ll ensure that your photo is clear, bright and that all of the different design aspects you’ve selected are highlighted and beautifully displayed. Natural light is always the best option; try taking some sample shots and you’ll see just how beautiful your real touch flowers look in a natural light.


Choose a theme.

Ensure that your styling elements, whether they’re real touch flowers or various homewares, work together visually and are part of a theme or similar colour scheme. Whether you’re using your artificial flower arrangements to add a pop of colour to a monochrome space or featuring them within a pastel colour scheme, all of your photo’s elements should work and blend together seamlessly.


Use your forever flowers to create a point of interest.

Great photos have a point of interest to which the eyes are drawn. Your real touch flowers are a great option for creating a point of interest in your instagram shot. Think about their placement and the colours that you select to surround them. Your forever flowers should stand out based on their colour, their texture or their position for the most effective photo.


Try a flat lay.

Flat lays are a popular shot to share on Instagram, offering a brand new perspective to your shot. Make sure your camera or phone isn’t casting a shadow on your spot and ensure that the placement of the items in your shot works from the bird’s eye angle. Think about the angle of your artificial flower arrangements, too – your florals can look absolutely beautiful when they appear to be blooming toward the camera lens!


Focus on your real touch flowers.

You can focus on particular elements of your frame, even with your phone camera! Simply tap on the item you wish to focus on to increase its’ clarity and create a mild blur behind it. Got an iPhone in the Plus size or an X? Have a play with Portrait mode for some incredible shots with a  short depth of field! Your artificial flower arrangement is a great option for a focal point. Think about the other elements of your photo and how they’ll look, melting into the background.

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We hope these tips have you feeling ready for your very own shoot! Are you ready to create your own insta-worthy indoor spaces? Shop from the range of artificial flower arrangements on Forever Flowering and make sure you show us your photo creations! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram using @forever_flowering and we’ll repost our favourites.