Among the most common places where people like to decorate artificial flowers are their bedrooms

And we’re not surprised. Who wouldn’t want a delightful arrangement of Forever flowers as the first thing they might see when they wake up?

Today, we’ll show you just how you can have this new addition to your room the elegant and professional way…


Consider the length you’d like for your room

When you purchase and arrangement from a shop, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to stay in the same way you bought it. You have the option to change it up the way you want it to look like based on your preferences. Most people would settle with the length that the arrangements are available in while some will want to make it shorter. But there is more than preference involved in that though. Some people cut it shorter to suit the vase or container they’ll be put in and some cut them to make them look greater in quantity. if you’ll be cutting your own arrangements, try to cut the flower heads closer to the neck of the vase. This way, they won’t look too crowded or too tall for the container.


Decide on a colour scheme

And follow through with it. Having a colour scheme can help you coordinate colours within the room. It may also help you control the mood and the colour spectrum that you want the room to display. You don’t have to limit the flowers to 1 or 2 species. Go wild by choosing different flowers that are available in 1 colour. This way, it’ll stand out and look creatively diverse, but not in a distracting and tasteless way.


Pick a beautiful vase that compliments the colour, texture, and quantity of the flowers on your arrangement

Artificial flowers on their own have so much charm to exude. But the vase or container they’re placed in matters as well. You want to use a vase or vases that highlights and compliments all the qualities present in your flower arrangement. Just make sure that the vase doesn’t overshadow the arrangement as it’s not meant to be the highlight of the whole arrangement.


Experiment on different flower species and textures

One of the best things about having an artificial flower arrangement is that you can have any species you want and you won’t have to worry if they’re on season or not. They can also be available in colours you’d never imagine an organic version of it to have. Do this by picking 1 flower species (like roses) and then have them in different, complementary colours. Not only will your arrangement stand out, it can also give you and the room more vibrance and personality.


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