There are only a few months left before we say goodbye to 2020! Undoubtedly, Christmas trees have been set up once again as we celebrate the joys of this season with beloved family members and friends. Because such celebration calls for laughter and vibrant colours, it’s only fitting to follow the tradition of decorating Christmas trees with ornaments and other decorative pieces. 

Speaking of decorative items, there’s no need to buy a new set of Christmas ornaments. You can use affordable artificial flowers to make your tree colourful! 


Tips for Using Artificial Flowers as Ornaments 

  • Replace Poinsettia With Your Favourite Set of Flowers

Poinsettia is a Christmas flower with a huge bud. To break away from the monotony of using this particular flower every Christmas, tie flowers together and use them instead. You can group roses of varying colours along with wide-budded flowers as well. 


  • Do the Christmas Swirl with Flowers

Why not recreate the swirling magic of glitters on your Christmas tree but use flowers instead? From the top, decorate the tree in a cascading manner with your choice of flowers. It’s essential to stick with a group of colours to avoid it looking too much clutter. 


  • Add Glitters and Shiny Decorative Balls

It’s not Christmas if it isn’t extra! To make your Christmas tree sparkly under the Christmas lights, a big heap of glitters and shiny things are needed. But, exercise caution when using glitters as some may get into your eyes. On the artificial flowers, outline its petals with glue and sprinkle some glitter. Don’t forget to add shiny Christmas balls adjacent to the flowers to illuminate its sparkle further. 


  • Ribbons, Leaves, and Other Handmade Items 

Christmas becomes more memorable when family members come together to make something worthwhile. To make your Christmas tree more special, everyone’s collaboration counts. Tie the flowers with recycled ribbons, don’t forget to add the leaves and other personal items that make everyone remind themselves about the wonder of Christmas. 


As the Christmas season comes closer, it is essential to understand that the decorations don’t matter. It doesn’t have to be newly-bought or expensive. Recycled artificial flowers from another occasion can be utilised. The only thing that matters during Christmas is the joy of having family and friends sharing a laugh under one roof. Happy Holidays!  


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