It only takes a creative mind and a grateful heart to preserve well-appreciated flowers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro in the art of floral designs and arrangement. Or, one who aspires to prolong the beauty of a gift. 

When it comes to keeping memories intact, there are a lot of exciting ways that will surprise you. In this regard, we’re going to discuss how you can spice up your humble abode with your collection of attractive dried flowers


Arrange it all in a vase

Your vase isn’t only limited to fresh flower use. Your dried flower collection is an excellent way of utilizing vases. When you look at the end product, you’ll see old-aged elegance preserved in a vase. Don’t know how to arrange flowers in a vase? Look it up online! You’ll discover beautiful inspirations that will guide you in making your own. 


Leave them hanging

No, we don’t mean the type to put you off. But, the kind where your flowers look like curtains of bliss and beauty. You can arrange several flowers in a bunch, tie them together and hang them around various areas of your home. 


Transform them into potpourri 

Who wouldn’t want their home to smell nice and fresh with flowers? We know, we do! You can look up fancy recipes online of your well-loved potpourri scent or make one of your own! You can store them in cute-shaped containers and use them as a gift. Or, keep one for yourself. 


Press them into artworks or favourite books

There’s something whimsical about seeing a petal or two of your favourite flower tucked between the pages of a sentimental book. Old-fashioned as it may seem, such charming decor never goes out of style. You can even press your favourite flowers on a special paper and frame it as an artwork! 


Tying it all up on a wreath

Who says wreaths are only made for Christmas? If you want to make any occasion stand out with unique decor, creating a flower wreath is the way to go! However, be careful when twisting some flowers as it can break easily, especially after losing its moisture. 


When it comes to designing your home with dried flowers, you are free to do whatever you want! Remember, your creativity’s the limit. Play around with colours, arrangement and styles to see which design you like best.