Adding artificial flowers to presents is not something many people practice nowadays

And they probably should as they’re decorative and can be unique in so many ways

Here are some of the ways you can add artificial flowers in your presents without it looking tacky…


Decide on a colour scheme

Having a colour scheme is one of the many things one must consider when wrapping presents. It pays to know the recipient’s favourite colour or the flowers they like. You also don’t have to be too obvious with the colours. If it’s for Valentine’s, you don’t always have to stick with the usual red, pink, and white theme. You can try looking into the colour of the year or any trending colours that might seem appealing to the recipient. Also consider the colour of the flower you’ll be using as it’ll act as your sort of centrepiece where the recipient’s eyes will be gravitating towards the most.

To make the gift giving even more handy, you can always store away any of the wrapping paper/materials you’ve used on the gift and use it for another occasion or for other recipients that might be interested in the same gift wrapper elements you’ve used.


Use simplistic wrapping paper

The gift wrapper you choose for every present is just as important as the colours you choose they’ll be in. To make things easier., always try to pick the most neutral colour available. A good example of this is using a cream/champagne-coloured paper and a white-coloured ribbon to match. These colours are basic and can match any given occasion. You want your gift to look as elegant as possible and classic colours paired with elegant patterns, textures, and elements (such as artificial flowers, simple, stamped cards, or other necessary accessories)


Consider the ribbons you use

Sometimes, adding ribbons to your present can make it look tacky or cheap. This is often because the ribbon’s colour, width, length, material, or even its texture didn’t match the overall aesthetic of the present. Maximise your efforts by considering these things for your ribbons while shopping for anything to mix and match your present’s wrapper. Depending on the size of your gift, your ribbon’s sizes also matter. The rule of thumb for wrapping gifts elegantly with ribbons is that they’re at least 1.5” wide. As a means of support, this measurement is also perfect for holding in place any artificial flowers you’ll be using.


Mix and match with beautiful artificial flower stems

Using artificial flowers on your present can help yours stand out from any other presents that are (although tastefully done) simply wrapped in wrapping paper. You want a flower variant that’s easy to work around with and not too distracting. It’s also best if you can find some that match the colour scheme you’re working with. Remember that there are tons of artificial flower types you can choose from such as paper flowers (you can try to make these yourself), felt flowers, ribbon flowers, millinery flowers (made from silk or cloth), flower brooches (you can use your old ones), silk flowers, and even beaded flowers (which you can make by hand from home).


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