Some of the doubts circling around having artificial flower arrangements are that they look tacky or that they look lifeless. But what many people don’t know is that these stereotypes don’t apply to all artificial arrangements. Top-quality arrangements are highly regarded for being able to mimic their organic counterparts. They only rely on the owner’s good taste and sense of style to give them that life-like flair that people expect them to have. But to help you accomplish that, here are some of the best ways to make that happen…


Keep your arrangements dust-free

Nothing makes any good flower arrangement look old and fake than dust and spider webs. It gives people the idea that it gathered dust because you never had to water it, thus the dust sticks to the leaves, stems, and flowers. Avoid the dust from collecting in your precious silk blooms by giving it a routine dusting using dry cloth or a hairdryer set in a cool setting to prevent the blooms from melting and deforming. Using a wet cloth will only spread the dust, creating dark watermarks that can ruin its aesthetic. 


Invest in the best quality   

Artificial plants and arrangements can’t make themselves classy and not tacky all on their own. It relies on the owner to make sound decisions of which brands and arrangements to purchase. Your best bet is to invest in higher quality arrangements that not only look pleasant but can give visitors the illusion of liveliness and class.

All Forever Flowering artificial flower arrangements are made with the best quality materials, but here are some of our recommendations that you might like to try: Alaska, Roxanne, Harriette, Bindi, and Tiffany


Mix it up with organic flowers

Artificial arrangements don’t have to stand alone on their own. You can add organic flowers to go alongside them. Doing this will not only make your arrangement more lifelike, but it can also give it that extra volume, colour, and texture. Among the organic elements you can add are flowers, tiny blooms, leaves, twigs, stems, and branches.


Alternate the location of your arrangements  

If changing the look of your arrangements doesn’t seem to be enough, try customising them and moving them around your home from time to time. Not only will this showcase the other arrangements you have around your home, but it will refresh your returning guests perspective of your home’s interiors. This will also create a new, creative angle in the space you choose to display them in. The more you change them up and alternate their display areas, the more you’ll feel satisfied with your arrangement purchases.

Our artificial flower arrangements come in different shapes, sizes, and even vases: fishbowl vase, matte ceramic cylinder vase, cylinder vases, and etc.


Customise. Customise. Customise.

In the world of artificial flowers, there is no rule that says you can’t customise your arrangements. If you feel like your arrangement lacks flair, custom create pieces that can suit it along with the theme or occasion that you’re dressing it up for. Among the customisations you could try is replacing the vase, cutting stems, and adding seasonal elements, stems, branches, leaves, and heads of flowers.

Fan favourite artificial flower arrangements that our customers love customising: Samantha, Jane, Gia, Shae, and Alana.


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