When decorating, matching your artificial flower arrangements to your table is a very crucial part to make it all work

Unfortunately, not many newbie decorators realise this, making their arrangement look somewhat awkward upon sight or on photos

To help you do just that, here are a few things you need to follow depending on the shape and style of your table…


Rectangular and oval tables

The rule of thumb with oval and rectangular tables is that they look best with tall flower arrangements. If there aren’t any tall ones available, it’s always a good option to have a series of smaller arrangements to compensate for the space. If there are tall and long arrangements available, remember that they don’t necessarily need to take up all the space on the table.


Square and Round Tables

For square and round tables, it’s best to use a centrepiece that’s similar-looking on all sides. Flowers that are round are better to use than flat variants that might look different when viewed from a different angle or a different side of the room. You want something that looks great on any angle. If you find a flower arrangement that mimics the shape of the table, that’s an even better choice.


Irregularly-shaped tables

Tables in different sizes, shapes, and forms can be tricky to find arrangements for. Adding one that’s too large will distract people from appreciating your unique table, but too little and the table is all they’ll see. It’s important to consider the proportions that best suit your table. You want an artificial arrangement that stands out, but not so much that it covers up the fact that there’s a table underneath it. You want one that showcases the features of both elements  without one masking the other.


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