There is certainly an artificial flower arrangement to suit every space, but where should you start when it comes to selecting the perfect spot and the perfect florals? We’ve seen a range of interiors where real touch flowers have been used as accents and highlights, so we can shed some light on the perfect combos. Here are some of our top tips for creating beautiful spaces by matching your decor with your forever flowers.


Pair rustic spaces with Australian natives.

Do you have a rustic interior, with driftwoods, timbers and unfinished textures throughout your space? Aussie natives are the perfect real touch flowers to bring some life to your rustic space, as their unique colours and textures blend beautifully with farmhouse-inspired homewares and furniture. Placed in an area with plenty of natural light and used as a unique interest point against rough and imperfect interior surfaces, native forever flowers and rustic spaces make the perfect combination. Try Matila for a natural feel in your rustic interior.


Add soft classics to modern, hard-edged spaces.

Does your interior space have smooth, dark, hard-edged or even glass surfaces, with a cool and modern look? This sleek design can be beautifully enhanced by adding artificial flower arrangements that are feminine, soft and structured. Think about offsetting the hard edges of a modern space with real touch flowers that bring some softness to an otherwise cold and modern interior. Add Sienna to your modern space to add a beautiful, feminine touch.


Use a statement arrangement as a centrepiece among muted tones.

Have you opted for a safe and muted colour scheme in your space? Add some life and colour using a statement artificial flower arrangement. You’ll see your space transform with your real touch flowers, and the best part? If you want to switch up the colouring your forever flowers bring to the space, you can move these long-lasting and versatile florals around and rearrange the space using a new array of real touch flowers. Let Charlize make a statement for you.


Throw texture into boho-styled spaces.

Bohemian styling is all about mixing textures, colours and patterns to create a space that’s reminiscent of a free spirit and an open heart. Flowers are a symbol of life and growth, and are the perfect addition to a bohemian-styled interior. Choose the right artificial flower arrangement and you’ll see your space become even more unique and eye-catching! Textures are key for this styling option, so think about choosing some real touch flowers that offer a range of surfaces. Opt for not only a range of textures, but also a mixture of rustic colours and you’ll see your existing styling transform into a bohemian heaven. Bindi is just the perfect addition for this interior style!

We hope this post has helped you to start thinking about ways to add forever flowers into your interior spaces. Shop from our range of artificial flower arrangements and find the perfect florals for your home or work interior. Show us your styling on Instagram, tag @forever_flowering and hashtag #forever_flowering to show us your beautiful spaces.