When used as a table centrepiece, your artificial flower arrangements need to vary depending on how people use the table. If they can’t need to talk to someone across from them, lower arrangements are a better choice. Often, people make mistakes scale-wise when selecting the flowers for each arrangement so we’re jumping in to help!

To ensure you choose the best flowers for your arrangement, here are some guidelines you can follow…


One of the biggest problems with centrepieces are their scale. Some people make the mistake of using tall centrepieces whereas it’ll be harder for their guests to talk as these arrangements are most likely blocking their view of the other person. Another mistake they make is using flowers that are too large for the arrangement and using a vase/container that’s too large for them.  For a good measure, make sure that the container you use compliments the size of the table, as well as the style and area of the room.


Tall Centrepieces

Tall centrepieces are always nice to have especially when they’re in clear glass vases that not only display elegance, but doesn’t obstruct people from the view as much as less opaque vases do. But tall artificial flower arrangements have significant uses. They must never be placed in tables where people are expected to talk and sit across one another. Not only is it distracting, you wouldn’t want your arrangement to limit the conversations people can have on the table, would you? So as much as possibly, place these tall arrangements on tables where they’ll look decorative such as the tables where food is displayed on, the centre table on the foyer, a table at a corner of the room, or in any particular table where they’ll look pleasant and non-distracting.


Short Centrepieces

Short centrepieces can be used almost anymore. The best scale you can use for them are up to 12 to 14 inches maximum. This way, it won’t cause problems for your guests who would want to open up a conversation with anyone else in the table or obstruct one’s view of another person whether or not they’re talking to them. Remember that centrepieces are for decorating the table, not distracting people around it.


A mix of both

Mixing both small and tall arrangements can becoming a stunning combination when done tastefully and properly. Sure it will be pricey as there are different price ranges for each flower, but once planned carefully, you can stick to your budget without having to break the bank for this type and style of artificial flower arrangements.


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