Corporate Flower Hire Melbourne

Forever Flowering arrangements are available for corporate hire.

We specialise in creating stunning floral arrangements for your foyer, reception area and counters.

Brighten up client areas with a colourful and sophisticated floral statement piece from as little as $9 per week!


Why Artificial Flowers Are Best For Your Office

1. Save Money

Fresh flowers wilt and look less than fresh within 7 days. Large sized fresh flower arrangements cost upwards of $80 per week, which can equate to a large bill for fresh flowers every year that end up in the rubbish bin! Artificial flowers last forever so they will always look real, bright and fresh for your clients, customers and guests.

2. Allergy Free

With an increase in allergies, it is likely that a colleague, guest or client may be allergic to the flowers in your office. Especially in the warmer months as hayfever starts to strike. Artificial flowers do not contain the pollen found in fresh flowers, in fact they are allergy-free and perfect for hayfever sufferers and sensitive noses.

3. Maintance Free

Does your receptionist spend time every day cleaning up fallen leaves, petals and pollen from fresh flowers? What about changing the water in the vase to make sure its not murky? And washing the vase as build-up occurs? Fresh flowers are high-maintenance and cause mess. 

Artificial flowers need no maintance. They will never wilt, petals will never fall off, water will never spill or require changing.  Central heating or air conditioning will not affect the life of your artificial flowers.

Just set them on your counter top and be done – no further work required!

Please note, we currently only provide corporate flower rental service in Melbourne. 

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