With the season known for blooming, bright and beautiful florals just around the corner, we felt inspired to show off our range of artificial flower arrangements in a brand new shoot. We paired our real touch flowers with a gorgeous afternoon light, some rustic and some modern spaces and we had some incredible talent shooting them. There’s nothing quite like some brand new photos to get us inspired for the new season! We hope they help you to create some beautiful new spaces in your home using our artificial flower arrangements.


Let us show you just a few of our brand new shots, featuring our beautiful artificial flower arrangements!


Beautiful natives in a homely space.

Aug image 1

How much do you just want to take a seat by this window, pick up a book and enjoy this space? This shot shows off some beautiful native real touch flowers and makes you feel right at home.



Super simple colours and textures.

Aug image 2Sometimes, simplicity is key. This shot contrasts our forever flowers with a beautiful timber texture and white painted wood walls. What a way to highlight our real touch florals!



Bringing our real touch flowers outdoors.

Aug image 3Artificial flower arrangements are versatile and look great in any setting, This shot shows off just how great they can look outdoors against rustic, furniture and amongst natural foliage.



Flowers in every room.

Aug image 4

The great thing about artificial flower arrangements is that they are long-lasting and that you can set and forget. Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Forever flowers are the perfect addition.

Gorgeous floral centrepieces.

Aug image 5

Want a bit of wow factor? This shot is the perfect representation of how artificial flower arrangements can add a point of interest to an indoor space. Adding a splash of colour, texture and brightness to this dining area, this shot is really brought to life by the forever flowers that are featured.



If you love what you see, follow @forever_flowering on Instagram! We’ll keep you inspired with so many more shots from our new season photo shoot, and we promise we’ll have you inspired to create brand new and exciting spaces in your home. From your living, dining and lounge areas to your outdoor spaces and more, see how forever flowers can bring some life to your decor!


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