Silk Flowers SuitcasesOur favourite thing about artificial plants and fake flowers is that when paired with sleek, modern accessories, they can completely freshen up an indoor space. One of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing is beautiful pastel shades placed among Scandinavian furniture and silk flowers or artificial plants. Keep reading for some styling tips to make this beautiful trend work in your favourite space, and to see some examples of fake flowers and artificial plans creating pops of interest in pastel spaces.

Tips for making plants and pastels work in your home.

Keep it well-lit.

So you’ve selected the artificial plants and fake flowers that you’d like to use, and you’ve found some gorgeous pastel accessories to place around your light, angular furniture. The next step is, where possible, to ensure that the space you’re decorating is filled with bright, natural light. Not only will natural light soften the pastel shades against the landscape of your room, it will bring out and accentuate the artificial plants or the fake flowers that you’ve used throughout the space.

Bring pastels across with silk flowers.

Remember that it’s not just in your accessories that pastels can be effective! Select silk flowers in pale, muted pink shades to add to your look. The great thing about silk flowers or fake flowers is that they hold their colour, and you don’t have to worry about fallen petals or replacing them frequently.

Silk Flowers Lounge Room

Add one bold element for some edge. 

Too much pastel and too many muted tones can need something bold to add an edgy and modern look. Think about pairing your pastel tones and fake flowers with a bold painting, a single dark accessory or even some lush, deep green artificial plant foliage and watch your pastels come to life!

Set bold fake flowers in a pastel vase.

Just because you’re creating a pastel theme throughout your space, doesn’t mean that your fake flowers can’t be dark in colour! Select silk flowers in deep maroons or mauves for a beautiful, real-feel texture and set them in a pastel shaded vase. You’ll be staying within your pastel theme and adding an interesting, unique floral element.

Don’t be afraid of greenery in artificial plants.

When you’re thinking about filling your space with pastel elements, you’re probably envisioning fake peony flowers or silk roses. Think outside the box and add an element of greenery by using artificial plants, or even just some foliage! You’ll create a beautiful contrast, your fake flowers will stand out and it will add a realistic and modern element to your already gorgeous space.Silk Flowers Living Room

We hope these tips have helped you to envision a brand new look for your indoor space. Don’t forget to take some risks and be creative with your pastel makeover! Whether you’re using artificial plants and fake flowers or even silk flowers, your space is sure to feel more composed, homely and well-designed once they’ve been added… and most importantly, have fun!