One of the biggest royal weddings has just happened and it’ll surely drive many women around the globe in a whirlwind of excitement for their own wedding flowers! Since the royals have been the top style of inspiration of most brides-to-be, their flower arrangements are the easiest and often most economical to copy! We’ve compiled a list of flowers royals have been using to help you recreate your own royal wedding…


Known to be Princess Diana’s (Princess of Wales) most favourite flower, forget-me-nots have been incorporated in other royal brides’ bouquets such as Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. These flowers represents true love, undying connections, growing affection between people, and a reminder of your time with other people.


Lilies of the Valley (Princess of Monaco)

A very popular option for wedding bouquets, lilies of the valley are some of the most popular flowers that have graced some of the best known royals during their walk down the aisle such as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (married to the Duke of York in 1923), Grace Kelly (married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956), and Princess Beatrix of Netherlands (married in 1966). Lilies of the valley represent the return of happiness, chastity, modesty, and purity.



Royalty or not, roses have been a popular wedding bouquet pick for many brides through the years. Among the most popular royals who incorporated roses in their bouquet are Princess Diana (Princess of Wales), Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (married to king Willem-Alexander in 2002), Queen Letizia of Spain (married to King Felipe of Spain), and the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (married to Crown prince Frederik of Denmark in 20014). These flowers symbolize many meanings depending on their colours: red (romantic love), white (innocence and purity), cream (charm and thoughtfulness), and peach (gratitude) among many others.



It is a known tradition for many royal women to add myrtle to their wedding bouquets. This is because of a tradition set by Queen Victoria during her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840 when she used the said shrub in her bouquet. The myrtle symbolises chastity and best of all, good luck in love in marriage.



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