Every Mother’s Day, it’s traditional to give the matriarch of the house some flowers

But given that flowers vary in sizes, colours, and meanings, it can be tricky to choose which one

Today, we’ll be guiding you through the best Mother’s Day flowers to give this year


Flowers your Mum loves

Who better to base your choice but from your Mum herself? If you don’t know it already, ask your Mum which flower/s she prefers. Ask weeks or months ahead so you don’t interfere with the element of surprise.

WE RECOMMEND:  A total sell-out, Mums usually go for our Jacqueline (calla lillies and buds), Sienna (pink and white peonies, dusty miller, and baby’s breath), and Love (24 tall roses) artificial flower arrangements.



Flower arrangements with a dash of colour

If you’re unsure of what your Mum’s favourite flowers are, then it would help for you to know that a bouquet of flowers should never be short of colours. Yes, ‘simplicity is beauty’ , but it wouldn’t hurt to have more colours than one, surely. Pick a flower arrangement that brightens the room your Mum will most likely display it in. A good example is a pink and orange, and yellow flower arrangement in a pale yellow-walled sitting room.

WE RECOMMEND:  For flower arrangements that bring life to any room, we recommend our Bindi (red and orange banksias, white leptospermum, and etc.), Annabelle (tulips and buds), and Raelee (casablanca tiger lilies, red phalaenopsis orchids, and etc.).



Flowers blooming in the season

We all have know that Mum who likes keeping up with what’s new and what’s trending. Give her the best flower of the season and see how well it blends with the room. To give you a clue, come summertime, flowers such as calla lilies, chrysanthemums, and Singapore orchids bloom. During autumn, lilies, roses, and asters bloom. Come wintertime, hyacinth, sea holly, lilies, cymbidium orchids, and roses abound. And finally during spring, classic flowers such as tulips, alstroemeria, peonies, and poppies bloom.


  • For summer: Helen (mini calla lilies and buds) and Manhatten (pink purple phalaenopsis orchids).
  • For autumn: Gracie (calla lilies and magnolia leaves) and Andrea (24 roses)
  • For winter: Benny (casablanca tiger lilies and buds) and Isabel (peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and etc.)
  • For spring: Maddison (tulips, calla lilies, and etc.) and Maya (peonies, hydrangeas, and etc.)


Flowers that speak for your emotions

Have something you truly want to express? Each flower represents a different kind of meaning and emotion. And if you’re one for honouring traditions, then you’d know that flowers on Mother’s Day have to be chosen specifically. Meanings behind each flower mostly depend on their colour texture, and quantity. Flowers with darker colours and smooth textures often represent deep and passionate feelings while flowers with more pale colours and harsher textures signify honour, loyalty, and respect.



  • For passionate love: Paris (12 roses)
  • For maternal love: Alana (peonies, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, and etc.)
  • For honour and respect: Florence (phalaenopsis orchids, sword leaves, and magnolia leaves)
  • For gratefulness: Melinda (peonies, roses, hydrangeas, tulips, and etc.)
  • For friendship: Naomi (calla lilies, birds of paradise, calla leaves, and etc.)


Attractive and lifelike artificial flowers

If your Mum or the matriarch of your household is the type of person who doesn’t like the idea of flowers getting plucked from the ground, then a best quality artificial flower arrangement is the best option for you. Unknown to many, artificial flowers have more benefits than the real ones. Not only do they look real, they feel real to the touch and last longer than your usual flowers. And what’s more? They’re available every season!


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