Giving your bridesmaids mismatching bouquets is something not a lot of brides have done

And although this isn’t a particularly new trend, it’s always nice to revisit

Here’s some of the things you need to consider before you try this out for your wedding…


Your budget

Having to provide different bouquets for each bridesmaid can be quite costly especially since your florist will need to source a variety of flowers for each bouquet. And it’s not just their budget that gets adjusted, but the added effort that will go into creating each one. Remember that when you’re paying for a florist to arrange flowers, you’re not just paying for the flowers, but their labour as well. So the more work involved, the higher you’ll have to pay. But higher invoices are not always the case. If you coordinate with your florist and come up with combination of less expensive flowers, your plan of mismatching your bridesmaids’ bouquets will agree with your budget.


Your wedding’s motif

It’s also important to consider your wedding’s motif when deciding to mismatch your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Mismatching them with random colours may make your event look tacky and unplanned. What you can do to avoid that is by picking one among these 3 things as your basis:


  • A simple colour palette

Channel sophistication by having a simple colour palette comprised with colours that are easy on the eyes. As a simple rule: nothing too bright or too dark. Stick to colours that are appealing to the occasion. If possible, limit your colour choices to 2 or 3.


  • Variations of flowers with similar colours

Who says you can only have a specific amount of flowers on your wedding? If your budget can cut it, try experimenting with different variation of flowers in the same colour spectrum. Not only will this look unique both in real life and in photos, but it will introduce individuality and character among your bridesmaids as well.


  • Differently-coloured dresses and bouquets

If your bridesmaids will each be wearing a different colour, it would be nice to colour-coordinate their dresses and shoes to their bouquet as well. With the right shades, sizes, and colours of the flowers in each one’s bouquet, you can make this a classic and elegant look without looking like there’s too much colours involved.


The flower sizes

You may introduce mismatched bouquets for your bridesmaids not just through a variation in colour or flower species, but in flower sizes as well. to make the look more appealing, use only small to medium flowers so as to not intimidate the eyes or make them stand out weirdly as they’re bunched in a bouquet.


The kinds of flowers you’ll be using

Real/organic flowers will always have a price no matter what or where. For this reason, florists have started to incorporate artificial flowers to the bunch. This not only makes the price of each bouquet more budget-friendly, but it makes it distinctive and more charming as well. You may even have out-of-season flowers in each bouquet when you use artificial variants. And the best thing about it is that your bridesmaids can take home a part of the bouquet as something to remember your wedding by!


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