Corporate gifts are not just given to clients “just because”. This type of gift is given with the intention of leaving a positive impression of the company. Many businesses make the mistake of handing out unusable gifts mostly because it has the company’s branding on it. Imagine a simple polo shirt with a soft and breathable texture. Upon receiving, your client will want to think about when they’ll wear it and what type of bottoms in their wardrobe they’ll be pairing with it. But when it’s printed or stitched with the company’s branding, those thoughts won’t be anywhere near what they’ll be thinking next. This customer, although grateful for your gift, will want to wear it at home in their pajamas, or worse, thrown in the deepest darkest part of their closet, never to be worn or seen ever again. No one wants to have their gift shunned this way. So what else can you do to keep your corporate gift useful and impressive?


They need to see themselves wearing it without promoting you

Similar to the example mentioned in the introduction of this blog, gift recipients are grateful for the effort put into your gift, but they want to see themselves wear it without giving you the silent promotion you intended. It pays to give your clients something unique that impresses them. They want to see your effort in gift giving and not a hidden agenda to make them your walking billboard. Opt for something that’s useful but not too generic or self-branded. Good options for these are Christmas gift baskets, branded oil perfume, or even a box of chocolates. 


Personalise your gifts  

Avoid placing any sort of branding in your gifts. Your gift recipient wants to feel like the gift is a personal decision of yours to give it to them rather than something they earned through a service you provided for them. Let’s say you’re gifting your clients or potential clients with a bottle of champagne. Instead of attaching a sticker to the bottle saying, “Happy holidays from your family at X Company”, your gift shouldn’t reflect your brand at all. You can place the bottle in a simple Christmas paper bag that says your holiday greetings for you. You may include a tag that says who it’s for and from which person it was from. This way, it feels more personal or more thought out rather than looking forced and impersonal.


Give out gifts more than once a year 

Brands force themselves to circle down the drain of irrelevance when they refuse to send out gifts more than once a year. The more you’re involved in gift giving, the more you’ll likely be remembered. Your clients want to be remembered more than once a year as much as you do. So reciprocate their attention with well-meaning, useful gifts at certain points of the year. 


Reciprocate the amount they bring in to your company

We’re not saying you should break the bank when it comes to gift giving, we’re only asking you to avoid giving out cheap items. Giving out small value items can help you keep money in the bank, but will it leave you with a positive impression? Maybe not. Invest a little more in what you give your clients and they will be encouraged enough to open their wallets to your business’ products and services.


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