The holidays are the perfect time to bond with friends and family. It’s a time for food, gifts, and beautiful decor. 

And as much as store-bought Christmas decor are efficient, it’s also great to custom-create your own decorations by incorporating flowers into the mix. Whether they’re native Australian flowers or flower varieties out of season, flowers can make any occasion better and brighter without too much effort. 

But which flowers are the best to create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday get-together?


White Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas can make your setting even more beautiful with its classic look and subtle colors. These flowers, especially their white variant, will pop up against bold colors such as reds and greens. When they’re in full bloom, hydrangeas can exude a more regal appearance. Style your hydrangeas by displaying them in baskets, glass vases, in wreaths, and even small containers to place at the center of your dining table. 



As romantic as they look, roses can definitely liven up the mood during the holidays. No matter which color of roses you pick, it’s important that you incorporate them with Christmas and winter elements such as pinecones, ribbons, faux snow, baubles, bells, and even Christmas lights. You can also pair them with other flowers such as hydrangeas, baby’s breath, and roses in other colors.



Channelling a dramatic, yet elegant look, the red flowers of the amaryllis have become a holiday favorite throughout the years. These flowers can brighten up any room as it contrasts with any type of surface. Use these flowers as accents for your dining table, holiday wreaths, office, or give it a place of its own by the fireplace. Whether it’s Christmas or not, when these flowers are turned into beautiful flower arrangements and decor, they can instantly improve the mood of any space you place it in.  


White Lilies 

These pearly white flowers provide a peaceful and spirited mood for the holiday season. White lilies are good accents for any type of winter bouquet and display. Boost the holiday look when you add evergreens, poinsettias, roses, amaryllis, pinecones, and other flowers and ornaments that give off that holiday feel. 


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