If only flowers can bloom for eternity, then this world would be more colourful than it is. Cliché as it may seem, all good things must come to an end. Your beloved flower collection is not an exception. It probably saddens you to see how something so magnificent can wither away into nothingness. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to preserve their beauty any longer. 

In this regard, we’re going to talk about one of the most popular methods for preserving and creating dried flowers. Also, we’re going to identify which flowers suit this method best. 


Flowers Best for Drying to Preserve

Who would’ve thought that preserving the beauty of flowers can be as easy as 1-2-3? However, not all flowers are suited for the process of drying. To guide you better, we compiled a list of the best flowers to dry. 


  • Celosia (Dragon’s Breath)

Among the favourites of every flower enthusiast everywhere, the passionate red of Celosia makes its beauty an everlasting sight. 


  • Globe Thistle

It can be quite the hassle to harvest a globe thistle, but when you do, it’s worth the beauty. Don’t forget to use gloves when working with the globe thistle’s prickly thorns. 


  • Pansiolas

Its two-dimension colour of violet and yellow makes it a perfect memento on books, postcards and scrapbooks. Pansiolas can also be pressed against books. 


  • Baby’s Breath

With the scientific name of Gypsophilia Paniculata, baby’s breath has made its way among florists’ top option for decorations and breathtaking flower arrangements. 


  • Sundaze Blaze Strawflower

Its fiery gradient colours of yellow and orange will definitely captivate your eyes. There’s a bright and warm feeling whenever you see a strawflower boom. 


  • African Daisy (Soprano)

The subtle hint of lavender is a colour everyone admires especially when it’s utilized for arts and crafts, and even as gifts. 


  • Globe Amaranth (Forest Pink)

Flowers of varying colour make globe amaranths one of the most exciting collection to have. Its bloom varies from purple, pink, or red. 


  • Larkspur (Guardian Lavender)

Even if it’s dried or arranged fresh, larkspur is noted to be one of the most elegant flowers to display. 


  • Cream Veranda Rose

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete with the most popular, cream veranda rose. Roses, even when dried, emanate the same elegance as freshly-picked flowers. 


Most people admit that learning the art of flower arrangement made them more productive this quarantine period. Have you started a plant-based hobby yet? Let us know about your experience. We’d be happy to hear them!

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