When you hear wedding bells toll, you’ll automatically associate the experience with flowers. Although modern weddings are taking a twist for decorative elements, a wedding tradition calls for flowers. Wedding bouquets, corsages and pins are made up of flowers. But, with the continued rising costs of fresh flowers, what alternatives does one have that imitates the color and vigor of real flowers? 

Of course, you have the artificial flowers to the rescue! If you feel like artificial flowers would resolve your issues when it comes to wedding decorations, let’s discuss first the pros and cons, various types and what synthetic flower suits a decorative piece more. 


Pros and Cons of Artificial Flowers

Ready to weigh out your flower options? Check the pros and cons of artificial flowers below. 



  • Relatively more affordable than fresh ones.
  • Flower varieties are available year-round and all-seasons. 
  • Artificial flowers last forever!
  • You can design or decorate with them in advance. 

You won’t have to deal with wilting or attracting bugs. No watering required as well. 



  • May appear cheap or tacky. (depending on the arrangement)
  • Sometimes, the best-looking flowers of a specific variety cost more than having fresh ones.
  • Lacks the authentic feel of real and fresh flowers. 


Different Types of Artificial Flowers

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of artificial flowers for a wedding set-up, let’s identify the different kinds and where to decorate it. 


  • Silk or Fabric Flowers

Nowadays, fabric flowers are made up of nylon or polyester instead of silk. These artificial flowers come in a vast selection of shapes, colours, and sizes. 


  • Foam Flowers

These flowers are made up of thin foam petals which are colored and bundled together in a Styrofoam center. Most of the time, foam flowers are put in the center of flower arrangements. 


  • Latex Flowers

As the name implies, latex flowers are made up of latex. Much like wax-coated flowers, latex flowers have life-like details and are covered with thin wax. 


  • Wax-coated Flowers

Unlike latex flowers, wax-coated ones are made up of high-quality silk. Then, it is coated with a special wax that makes it look and feel like real flowers. 


Where to Decorate with Artificial Flowers

For this portion, we’re going to list down all of the places where artificial flowers work best. 

  • Use them in wedding areas where low visibility is observed. Think of artificial flowers as fillers. 
  • If you have large flower arrangements, mix artificial ones with fresh flowers. 
  • You can add in non-floral elements like leaves, ferns, feathers, and other decorative pieces to make the arrangement look unique. 


To get more ideas of how to use artificial flowers, you can browse local catalogs of florists that use them for various events. You can also practice DIY arrangements to discover which works best for a wedding. 


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