4 Effective Ways To Clean and Maintain Your Artificial Flowers

Despite being man-made, artificial flowers keep our home vibrant and colourful. Although artificial flowers don’t pass through the process of wilting, it is still subject to the wear and tear of items. 

So, how do you ensure the longevity and the beauty of your artificial flowers? One aspect is through appropriate cleaning and maintenance techniques. Here are our compiled tips and tricks that you need to try. 


Regular Dusting 

Artificial flowers gather up dust from being displayed and utilized as home décor. Light dust deposits can be removed through a gentle tap or a clean swipe of a cleaning cloth. 

For stubborn dust on crevices, you can use a blow dryer on the lowest setting. On hard-to-clean accumulated dust, a quick vacuum clean can do the trick. But, be careful as it can destroy fragile designs on your artificial flowers. 


Citrus Solution

If you have an empty spray bottle and one or two lemons, a DIY citrus solution for maintenance and cleaning of artificial flowers is a viable option. Squeeze one or two lemons inside the spray bottle and mix in water. Shake until the acid is fully dissolved and spray it on your flowers. However, don’t spray the solution before you have done regular dusting. Doing so will only lead to accumulated dust deposits. 


Salt Treatment

Although this method may seem unpopular and unusual, it works wonders! To do this, get your artificial flowers and place it inside a resealable container/bag and fill it with coarse salt. 

Once you seal the bag or close the lid, you can start shaking it to loosen dust, grime and dirt. If you don’t fancy the use of salt for this treatment, cornmeal is a great alternative to try. 


Soap and Water

If your artificial flowers aren’t hand-wrapped and come with fragile details, washing them with a solution of soap and water will thoroughly clean it. Avoid using warm water as this can damage the flower’s integrity. 

At the same time, don’t scrub the flowers to avoid damaging it. Once you have dunk the flowers to the soap and water solution, rinse it and lightly dry it with a towel. 

Artificial flowers add colour and décor to your home that guarantees longevity and functionality. However, you can’t fully enjoy the benefits that artificial flowers bring if you don’t take the initiative in cleaning and maintaining it. Much like organic flowers, levels of care, and upkeep is essential for long-lasting artificial flowers.

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