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4 Trending Artificial Flower Arrangements in 2022

4 Trending Artificial Flower Arrangements in 2022

Flowers add beauty, charm, elegance, and timeless appeal to anything at any place. Whether birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, funerals, memorable events, or corporate seminars/meetings, flowers are the first thing noticed by everyone.

A flower is also the symbol of love, bond, and affection when gifting it to your spouse, girlfriend, child, sibling, friend, parent, or colleague. However, one of the significant downsides of flowers is that they can wither and die in a short time.

Artificial flower arrangements are excellent alternatives if you want to experience the marvel of elegant flowers without worrying about their overall lifespan. You can use artificial flower arrangements to spruce up your home/office or event décor and achieve your goals.

However, artificial flower arrangements as a DIY project are frustrating, daunting, and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know how to get the job done adequately. For example, a bouquet always looks beautiful in the store, but when you get home and install it in the vase, it creates a lot of mess.

Arranging flowers is both an art and science, meaning you must hire a reputable service with experienced staff to create floral arrangements tailored to your needs. Stacey, the founder and director of Forever Flowering, is a professional and experienced flower arrangement expert and knows how to create:

  • Small and large artificial flower arrangements
  • Artificial flower arrangements in vase
  • Artificial flowers in a glass vase
  • 360-degree flower arrangements
  • Artificial stems and plants
  • Artificial Australian Native flowers
  • Custom floral arrangements
  • And much more

Artificial flowers have numerous advantages, such as no withering or dropping of petals, non-allergenic, seasonality-free, affordable, no spills/mess/critters. Likewise, you can keep artificial flower arrangements as sentimental displays for a lifetime. Here are the four  rending artificial flower arrangements in 2022. Read on!

Centerpiece Artificial Flower Arrangements

Centerpiece artificial flower arrangements are perfect for entrance hall showstoppers, wedding tables, birthday parties, and corporate events. These arrangements can transform the entire space, improve the indoor/outdoor décor, and entice your guests.

In addition, you can display centerpiece artificial flower arrangements on your dining table. Thanks to the elegance, style, and hygiene of centerpiece or 360-degree floral arrangements created by Stacey, you can dress your reception or dinner party uniquely and stylishly.

You can use these artificial flower arrangements as a focal point, such as in your hallway, foyer, lobby, and reception area. Stacey can help you choose the fitting centerpiece, size, height, compactness and spreading levels, colors, shades, and decorative scheme.

Contemporary Artificial Flower Arrangements

Contemporary artificial flower arrangements are trending in 2022, thanks to the minimalism, modern look, and clean styles they offer. For example, artificial flower

arrangements in vases Australia, such as an orchid in a vase, combine classic and modern vibes due to their simplicity and elegance.

It is like a piece of art in your home or office. Similarly, a single, modern, and charming bloom in a vase is an excellent way to make a design statement. For instance, a single bloom in a vase is ideal for a limited space. That way, Forever Flowering recommends it for shelves, mantels, reception desks, and store counters.

Stacey uses her years of experience and extensive knowledge to think architecturally and chooses contemporary arrangements by shape and flower. For instance, if you want to sit your flower arrangement on the ground, Stacey can customize it, allowing you to display flowers up to three to five feet high.

Moreover, Stacey can also design custom floral arrangements that sit elegantly under a foot tall. You can use contemporary artificial flower arrangements on nightstands, occasional tables, or as discreet centerpieces.

The planter or vase is essential to consider when choosing a contemporary floral display. While you can select retro-style or attractive metallic urns that go well with realistic blooms, artificial flowers in a glass vase are an on-trend design. Stacey can help you choose the right glass vase design/shape, such as bowl-shaped, square, tall, or any other design that aligns with your event’s décor.

Seasonal Artificial Flower Arrangements

Seasonal artificial flower arrangements come in attractive autumnal shades and laid- back summer colors, reflecting and replicating Australian natural vibes and beautiful colors. Forever Flowering ensures you get artificial flower arrangements that look and feel realistic.

You can choose floral arrangements that align with spring freshness. For example, delicate daisies and beautiful lavenders are perfect for a dinner table during the spring season. On the other hand, go for brighter and bolder colors in the summer.

For instance, you can choose bright sunflowers and hydrangeas to spruce up your interior décor in the summer. The primary advantage of seasonal artificial flower arrangements is that you easily pop them on your garden table without shedding petals or spilling water.

Thus, these are ideal for an outdoor birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, or dinner party. Stacey is a professional floral expert with years of experience in designing seasonal artificial flower arrangements, allowing Australians to enjoy the summer with a wide range of mixed colors.

In contrast, go richer with harvest-themed arrangements for the fall and choose colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. If you celebrate Christmas, a major holiday in Australia, you want your dining table to look and feel elegant. So, you can go for cool and festive blues with touches of whites and greens, depending on your needs.

Preserved Artificial Flower Arrangements

Preserved artificial flower arrangements are a notable trend floral enthusiasts will follow throughout 2022. These arrangements require creative and artistic skills because you will work with grasses, woods, fruit, seedpods, and flowers all together. That’s why it is crucial to hire a professional floral arrangement designer and expert like Stacey to achieve your goals.

Anyway, preserved artificial flower arrangements make effective centerpieces. For instance, if you want to decorate your dinner table stylishly, elegantly, and uniquely, you can use dried and preserved floral arrangements. Besides, these arrangements are perfect for summer wedding tables.

On the other hand, dried and preserved artificial flower arrangements can bring charm for fall celebrations. Make sure you choose reds, yellows, oranges, natural woods, leaves, and grasses to create a perfect arrangement.

Final Words

People love flowers for almost everything, including events, celebrations, special occasions, sentimental moments, etc. Artificial flower arrangements are ideal for decorations, thanks to their timeless quality, practicality, and beauty.

If you have specific requirements for artificial flower arrangements, get in touch with Stacey, the director of Forever Flowering. Stacey and her team will make substantial efforts to create a custom display based on your specific needs. Contact us today!

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