Artificial Flowers For Weddings And Events

Artificial Flowers For Weddings And Events

It’s a claim easily supported: Artificial flowers are the real deal for affordable wedding and event floristry.

Got a limited flower budget for a wedding or event you’re planning?

Has the use of artificial bouquets or silk flowers crossed your mind?

Today’s your lucky day! We’ll show you just how artificial flowers are the best solution for your special day!

When planning a wedding, one of the chief expenses every wedding and event planner takes into consideration is the florist. Questions like: How many arrangements will be needed for each venue? What colour theme and specific flowers do the clients require? Are those flowers in season? And more importantly, how much will flowers cost?

Luckily for us, artificial flower arrangements that look like the real thing exist. Before you break the bank for the florist bill, take a moment to consider another cost-effective alternative to real flowers: our artificial flowers which are available in real touch stems and fully customised floral arrangements!


How Do I Use Artificial Flowers?

  • Bring real touch flowers into the mix

A mix of silk flowers and artificial real touch flowers is not only attractive, it usually costs less than the real thing, yet lasts forever. Make sure to use a professional, such as our services to ensure each flower stem is chosen appropriately. Give careful consideration to colour, size, length, as well as the uniformity. Considering you’ll be having several guests at the reception as well, it’s common to see flower centrepieces at every table. Why not swap out expensive arrangements that only last a week with artificial flowers to cut down on your florist expenses and give guests a chance to take home a memento to forever cherish.


  • Use faux flowers on minor decorations

Have you seen how weary some boutonnières and corsages – even before they’ve headed down the aisle? Using faux flowers (aka fake flowers) on these will save money and look fantastic. It’s also perfect for those who suffer from pollen and hay fever allergies. Other uses for faux flowers include aisle petals, wedding arches and seating decorations.


  • Use artificial flowers in semi-noticeable places

Another great trick is to use artificial flowers in places away from people’s direct line of sight. This includes high walls, the orchestra balcony, doors, and areas in the church or venue that people won’t necessarily have their eyes trained on. Have a birthday coming up a few months later? Our stems are forever flowering, so you can grow your collection and never pay to hire props or bring in fresh flowers ever again!


Benefits of Using Artificial Real Touch Flowers in Weddings and Events

  • Seasonal Availability

With artificial flower arrangements, you can cheat nature and have flowers that are out of season in your venue. This is because our artificial flowers are never “out of season”. They don’t wilt or decompose, making them a suitable option for anyone looking for something rare. This is especially handy for people who have no control over the date of the wedding or specific event. In the Australian heat, fresh cut flowers often struggle or need to be kept in water – ours don’t!


  • Affordability

Most artificial flowers cost a fraction of what real, out-of-season flowers do. This is why many brides and event organisers sometimes look to mix artificial flowers with real ones however with real-touch artificial stems, there is no need to even do that any more.


  • Durability

As we have already touched on, robust imitation flowers are proven to be more durable than any kind of authentic flower. They’re easy  to clean (check out our FAQ page on Caring For Your Flowers here), they don’t need pruning or watering either. If you’re worried about your flower bouquets being damaged in transit to or from an event, consider using artificial flower arrangements as a cheap and anxiety-calming solution instead.

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