Artificial Flowers On Cakes: How To Properly Do It

Flowers and cakes result in the most immaculate combination of visual galore and unparalleled tasting experience. However, decorating with fresh flowers may not be the best option. Artificial flowers otherwise referred to as non-edible ones, are preferred over new flowers. Artificial flowers don’t need watering, don’t wilt, and require less time for prep than fresh ones. What’s more, they are available all-year and all seasons for a price that your budget can handle. 

But how do you begin to decorate a cake with artificial flowers? Here’s how you can adequately do it. 

Tips and Tricks for Using Artificial Flowers on Cakes

  • Decide on What Flowers You Intend to Use

Before rushing to your local florist or artificial flower provider, have a clear and organized list of what you need. Having a theme or a color scheme can help you choose which flowers suit your cake more. 

  • Prep the Artificial Flowers

By prepping, we mean cleaning the artificial flowers first. Make sure that debris or dirt is eliminated before putting them on your cake. You can even soak the artificial flowers on warm water to guarantee that it’s clean enough for the cake. 

  • Dry and Lay All the Flowers You’ll Be Using

It is recommended that you dry your flowers first before placing them on the cake. The tendency with a wet flower is that it can ruin the icing or the cake’s consistency. 

  • Trim, Cut, and Remove the Stems

Some flowers come with long stems that you don’t need to decorate a cake. Make sure to trim and cut the stems accordingly to how you want to use it. If you wish to have your flowers to have stability, a stem is recommended. However, if you want the flowers as mere toppings, only the head can do. 

  • Use Floral Tape/Foam Holder to Secure Flowers Together

If you want to create a floral corsage, securing the flowers together with a floral tape is the best option you can go for. If you want the flowers to be used as toppings, assembling them in a foam holder is more beneficial for your creation. 


When decorating your cake with flowers, you can be as colorful, unique, or extravagant. You can choose on however you’d like it to be. You can find a lot of inspiration online or try experimenting on your own! Remember, flowers and cakes pair well, much like how peanut butter and jelly go together. 


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