Beach Wedding Flowers and Complementary Greens

Nothing beats having a beach wedding in an open environment where you’re surrounded by waves, sand, the wide expanse of the sky, and the people you know and love. Exchanging vows with an impressive backdrop behind you is charming in itself, but having beautiful decor and flowers that match the tones, textures, and theme of your wedding is just as important. Undecided about the best flowers and greens to use? Here’s a list of flowers along with some greens that match them which can complement your sandy, beach-themed wedding…    


Monstera Leaves

A fan favourite, monstera leaves project that Bohemian summer vibe that blends very well with any nature-themed wedding. These types of leaves also come in the perfect size for use with bouquets, arrangements, or decor that require a good setting on the back. Most wedding organizers use these leaves for decorating tables (sometimes even using them as centrepieces and placemats) while some use them to create the perfect foundation to support flowers in vases or bouquets. This type of leaf will also look phenomenal when used with other greens such as pickerel ferns and fern leaves.


Casablanca Tiger Lillies

Resembling sophistication and beauty, Casablanca Tiger Lillies are perfect for portraying that elegant summer vibe. It balances the themes of tropical fun and the gentleness and simplicity of the matrimonial event. The great thing about these lilies is that you can use more than one of them in a bunch and it won’t look and feel like it’s too much. To fill in the gaps around it, you may even incorporate leafy green such as magnolia leaves, calla leaves, and even gum leaves.


Birds of Paradise

One look at this flower and your guests will immediately make sense of the tropical theme you’re trying to create. The vibrant orange and royal blue petals of this flower provide so much contrast to each other that you get to enjoy both the warm and cool tones that the summer theme provides. These flowers go very well with tropical-themed greens such as monstera leaves, pickerel ferns, and even twigs in elaborate lengths.


White Roses

Who said roses were only limited for use in indoor and garden weddings? White roses, in particular, have that summery vibe that matches well with the colours of the sea. They can represent the clouds, sea foam, and even white pearls from under the sea. To make your white roses feel less indoorsy, pair them with tropical greens such as Phoenix leaves, orchid leaves, monstera leaves, and even fern leaves.



Known for being dramatically large, Proteas (especially the King Protea), are quite popular with brides who are big fans of showstopping flower arrangements. These summery yet classy flowers are best used with similarly tropical accents such as peppercorn and foliage, calla leaves, fern leaves, and the most popularly used eucalyptus leaves.

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