Different Ways To Care For Your Artificial Flower Arrangement

Artificial flowers need a right amount of care just like anything in your house does

So how do you make sure you’re doing the right cleaning techniques?

For the purposes of this article, we’ll be using silk flowers as an example…


Do weekly dusting

Unlike organic flowers that wilt after some time, your Forever flowers only gather dust and look pretty all-year round. To take care of the dust it gathers, assess the amount of dust, and decide which product and strategy is best to use. For light dust deposits, try cleaning it lightly with a microfiber cloth or any type of cloth that can be able to take off the dust deposits. If the dust deposits are too stubborn and have seeped into the crevices (if the arrangement has some), try using a hair dryer set on the lowest setting. This will enable you to clean more effectively without needing to scrub hard as the heat from the hair dryer can blow away and soften stuck dust. For very stubborn dust deposits, you may use a vacuum cleaner to make sure every section of the artificial arrangement is dust-free. But be wary of using it on fragile arrangements such as those with thin petals and weak branches as this might do more harm than good to your arrangement’s aesthetic.


Give them a ‘salty’ treatment

Keep your arrangement fresh by using salt to treat it. You’ve seen salt do wonder with preserving food, now look and see how it can preserve even your artificial arrangements! To accomplish this, place your artificial flower arrangements inside a resealable bag and sprinkle coarse salt. Seal the bag and shake it, letting the salt scratch through and loosen the grime and dust coating the entirety of the arrangement. If salt is unavailable, you can always try using cornmeal as an alternative.


Sprinkle a dash of citrus

Sometimes you buy your cleaning products, and then there are times you make them yourself. This is the perfect time to make them yourself. Not only will this give you some experience on being hands-on at something, but it can save you on money as well! To do this, grab an empty spray bottle and squeeze a lemon or two in it. Shake lightly until the acid is dissolved with the water and spritz some of your mixture on the arrangement. Only spritz the mixture on your arrangement once you’re finished wiping the dust off or else the water will just make the dust deposits sit and stick stronger to the arrangement’s surface. Don’t scrub the dirt off. Instead, wipe it gently with a cloth.


Go traditional with soap and water

If your flower arrangement isn’t too sensitive to moisture in general, try dunking them in a sink filled with soap and water. For good measure, skip this strategy if your arrangement is made up of flowers that have been hand-wrapped as it may weaken the floral tape and erode the glue, breaking apart the flower from the stem/branch. Avoid using warm water as it might melt or damage your arrangement’s colour and texture. Again, wipe lightly and avoid scrubbing as it might damage the arrangement’s quality. Once done, rinse your arrangement with water and dry lightly with a towel.

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