Etiquette For Sending Sympathy Flowers

It has been deeply ingrained in our customs and traditions to send sympathy flowers to the family of the bereaved. Despite being widely practiced, there are still questions that remain to be unanswered. To minimize confusion and appropriately send sympathy flowers, we answer the most pressing questions regarding funeral flower etiquette. 


When Should I Send Sympathy Flowers?

As soon as you hear news of a death, you can order or contact Forever Flowering for personalized sympathy floral arrangements that will be sent to the family. With Forever Flowering, you can simply provide the address, intended time of delivery, and a message to ease the pain of the grieving members of the family. 

You also have the choice of sending flowers when the body is laid to rest in a funeral home or the deceased’s residence. You can also commemorate the passing by sending sympathy flowers on the anniversary of their loss. 


Where Do I Send Flowers? To the Funeral Home or To the Family Home?

For reference, flowers sent to a funeral home are called funeral flowers. Meanwhile, flowers sent in a family home are referred to as sympathy flowers. Large arrangements, commonly sent by colleagues and acquaintances, add beauty to the funeral service. If you intend to send one, it is best to have it delivered to the funeral home. 

Personalized sympathy flowers are intimate and will be better appreciated when delivered to the family home. 


What Floral Arrangement and What Size is Appropriate?

Floral arrangements that adorn the casket such as casket wreaths, hearts, and sprays are ideal for immediate family members. Extended family members, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues can opt to send a standing wreath or spray, florals in a basket, or potted plants. Both small and large arrangements are appreciated. 


Can I Send Flowers in a Vase?

It depends on where you are sending it. Most of the time, funeral homes have restrictions regarding vases or flowers in glass containers. If you intend to send sympathy flowers in a personalized vase, it is better to have them delivered to the family home. 


What Type of Flowers can I send?

A common choice for sympathy floral arrangement is the combination of lilies, violets, and forget-me-nots. However, there are still a lot of options that Forever Flowering can choose for you. Forever Flowering can look into the message you want to convey to the grieving family and personalize it before sending it. 

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