Flower Meanings Behind Colours

Flowers are not just thoughtful to send, they’re also quite meaningful

In case you’re thinking of sending flowers as a token of appreciation, care, or thanks, it’s best to know flower meanings first

Today, we’ll be showing you just what these flowers mean depending on their colours as well as their general symbolism by means of tradition

The Meanings Behind Orchid Flowers

Real Touch Artificial Cymbidium Orchid Stems that look and feel real. Choose your colours.The orchid flower has been given high regard since the Ancient times. These flowers are known for many names such as cymbidium, dendrobium, oncidium, phalaenopsis, and cattleya. Over 100 years ago, orchids have been known to symbolise love, beauty, fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness, and even charm! Given that orchids vary in colours, every colour gives off different meanings as well:


  • Blue – represents rarity
  • Red – represents passion, desire, strength, and courage
  • Pink – represents grace, joy, happiness, innocence, and femininity
  • White – represents reverence, humility, innocence, purity, elegance, and beauty
  • Purple – represents admiration, respect, dignity, and royalty
  • Yellow – represents friendship, joy, and new beginnings
  • Orange – represents enthusiasm, boldness, and pride
  • Green – represents good fortune, blessings, good health, nature, and longevity


The Meanings Behind Rose Flowers

Forever Flowering Rose Colour ChartBeing the most popular flower to give loved ones, friends, and colleagues on any occasion, roses are regarded highly as flowers that convey many different meanings. These meanings vary depending on the colours and even the numbers of roses in a bunch:


  • Red – represents romantic love and passionate affection
  • Pink – represents thanksgiving, romantic love, gratitude, appreciation, gentleness, and admiration
  • White – represents honour, new beginnings, farewell, hope, innocence, and purity
  • Orange or Yellow –  represents friendship, platonic passion, appreciation, and congratulations
  • Blue and Purple – represents royalty, mystery, attaining the impossible, success, rarity, and creativity


The Meanings Behind Lily Flowers

Real Touch Artificial Casablanca Lily Stems that look and feel real. Choose your colours.Lilies are known for their wide varieties depending on the places they are commonly found as well as their colours, sizes, and shapes. Because of the variety, each of them has been given distinct meaning:


  • White – represents purity, virtue, and reverence
  • Striped Pink (Stargazer) – represents prosperity and abundance
  • Red – represents passion
  • Yellow and Gold – represents thankfulness, desire, and enjoyment
  • Orange (Tiger) – represents confidence, pride, and wealth


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