Maximising the Use of Artificial Flowers in Decorating Your Home

Flower arrangements, when done properly (even if not so properly), give the home a wonderful touch that no other decoration can. The touch that a flower bouquet brings connects us with Nature and awakens our sense of beauty. Its bright colours stimulate our visual senses, as well.


We know that live blooms are the best decorations, but they inevitably droop only after a few days and wilt shortly afterwards. Even houseplants that are normally resilient and sturdy can still shrivel in dry and hot temperatures. To solve this dilemma, artificial flowers are excellent substitutes. The technology and techniques of making faux flowers are now so advanced that arrangements look very realistic, enough even to fool discerning anthophiles.


Choosing faux flowers for your home

Going the route of faux flowers means you have an unlimited range of choices, unlike real flowers where the season and availability at your location could be a problem. Regardless of what kind of flower arrangement you may choose, the flowers that can go incredibly well in all kinds of the interior include tulips, proteas, hydrangeas, daisies, gardenia, lilies, spray roses, and wattle.


Matching artificial flower arrangements with your furniture

Choose an appropriate arrangement of artificial flowers for your furniture top. There should be enough space that it will not look cramped. Squeezing your flower vase, however beautiful it may be, into a space that will make it look like clutter, simply will not do. There should be adequate clearance for the base.


If we ask the opinion of interior designers, they will advise you to use artificial flowers with rich, dark colours if your furniture piece is also a deep- or rich-coloured one. It should go without saying that the colours of the flowers and the furniture should not be too similar or exactly the same, as your flowers will not be highlighted as they were intended to be. Similarly, bright flowers should also be placed near or on bright-coloured furniture pieces.


The best flower arrangement colours for enhancing your home

The colour principle should be the same for rooms. To enhance your room or interior, choose an artificial flower arrangement that matches its colour theme. A room that has bold and bright hues must also have light and bright-coloured flowers, including the vase it is placed in. In contrast, soft-coloured faux flowers and neutral coloured vases should be chosen for rooms that have earthy or neutral hues.


Making your faux flower arrangements realistic

For you to make realistic flower arrangements, try to consider the season. Place a rich and bright flower arrangement during the fall, with flowers having yellow, red, burgundy, and rusty colours. During spring or summer, on the other hand, choose pastel or other light colours, including citrus, pink, or sky blue. For winter, a clean and simple choice of white and silver is best.

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