The 4 Best Techniques For Drying Flowers

While beautiful and known for their wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes, origins, and scents, organic flowers are rarely here to stay. But fortunately for us, modern day techniques have made it possible to have them preserved close to their original state. There are plenty of effective ways to do this. Among these techniques is the wide variety of methods for drying flowers. 

While many opt for fresh flowers during occasions like weddings and special romantic dates, dried flowers have started gaining attention for such events through its unique appeal. 

Curious to learn how to dry flowers as a primary preservation method? Here are some of the many ways you can do them yourself at home…


  • Air-Dry

The method of air-drying is recognized as the best technique if you want to keep your flowers sturdy and lively. Despite being air-dried, you’ll notice how each flower preserves its natural shape and colour. To air-dry your flowers, gather it all and tie it on a string. One end of the string must be tied upside down to a clothing hanger, ceiling beam or a stick. Be careful not to put the flowers in an area with the direct sunlight’s path. Wait until a maximum of seven days before displaying. 


  • Oven Dry

Much like the air-drying method, the oven-dry technique results in a faster waiting period instead of several days. With an oven, place the flowers inside and leave the door open for about eight to twelve hours. Take note that the flowers must be placed on a wax or parchment paper-lined on a cookie sheet with the oven on the lowest heat setting. 


  • Trunk Dry

One bizarre yet unique technique for drying your flowers is using your car as primary equipment. If you’re not parking your vehicle in a garage or you’re leaving it out to dry after a car wash, then this method is perfect! 

Under the sun, open your car’s trunk. Wrap your flowers in parchment paper and put it inside the car’s trunk. Using the trunk dry method usually results in an eight-hour turnover. 


  • Microwave

Another baking equipment that you can use for drying flowers is your microwave. Don’t forget to use a microwave-safe container and silica sand for this technique. First, remove any unwanted foliage from your bouquet. 

Then, completely cover the flowers with silica sand. Last but not least, put a cup of water and the flowers inside the microwave and heat for two-three minutes. Dry these flowers in 30-second intervals. 

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