Unusual Yet Effective Ways of Cleaning Artificial Silk Flowers

Artificial flowers are quickly replacing real ones regarding décor, wardrobe, and DIY uses. This is due to the durability, longevity, and practicality that it provides. After all, if you want the organic aesthetic that flowers offer without fessing up for daily prep, artificial ones are a great replacement. 

Because artificial flowers come in a different variety, we’re going to focus on one of the most common materials: silk. What’s more, we’re going to discuss, if not, the most bizarre methods of cleaning, which turns out to be useful! 


Removing Dust With Uncooked Rice

The most common enemy of artificial flowers is dust. When you keep artificial flowers and bring them out again for use, you’ll find yourself sneezing non-stop! To keep yourself from feeling blown-out with the overwhelming amount of dust, the first thing you can try is using uncooked rice to shake the dust off. 

First, cover the silk flowers with a clean cloth or tie them inside a cloth bag. Then, put the bag inside a bigger container (e.g., Tupperware) with uncooked rice. Lastly, shake it until the dust is entirely removed. 

Wiping Dust Off with Baby Wipes

This method involves wiping them with baby wipes – they’re perfect for hard to reach areas. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough with larger flowers, most are very hardy and can handle a good wipe over.

Blowing Out Dust and Dirt with Compressed Air

If using uncooked rice and baby wipes don’t to you, why not try using compressed air? Yes! Compressed air isn’t just for devices and gadgets. You can purchase compressed air in your local hardware store.

But, be careful about using it. Don’t spray too close on the flowers as it can destroy the delicate silk. The safest distance you can follow is spraying at least 12 inches / 30cm away from the flower. 

Cleaning Dust Off With a Hair Dryer

Going out of the house and spending on compressed air can be too much of a hassle if you are a busy person. If you want to save both energy and resources to clean your artificial flowers, you can do so with a trusty hairdryer. 

Using a hairdryer at a minimum speed is ideal for blowing off light layers of dust. But, be careful of being tempted to use a hairdryer at its warmest to remove stubborn dust. Doing so can destroy your artificial flowers. 

Please take note that the methods mentioned above are only useful for light layers of dust. If you are battling dirt, stains, and potentially grime, washing your flowers with liquid or home solutions is the best cleaning method or contact us first for more information.

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