Using Artificial Floral Arrangements in Photo Shoots

If you have a business and need some accessories to make your photography stand out, think about including artificial flower arrangements! Forever flowers are the perfect way to add colour, texture and a beautiful touch to your styled photography. The best part? Real touch flowers are a no-mess and no-fuss option for adding a floral statement piece to your perfect shot.


Wondering how artificial flower arrangements can be used in your next shoot? Here are some of our favourite ways, plus some tips and tricks for including, placing and photographing your forever flowers.


Hand-held in fashion shoots.

Beautiful model? Have her holding a beautiful bouquet! Work with the fashion being featured and choose from a broad range of floral colours and styles to match your forever flowers with her outfit perfectly. Match a boho fashion look with some rustic, native flowers or a classic, classy look with an old favourite, like roses or carnations. With a no-mess, no-fuss range of forever flowers to choose from on Forever Flowering, there’s no end to the looks you can create for your next shoot!


Blurred backgrounds for super focused shots.

Shooting a product up nice and close and looking for a background texture? Artificial flower arrangements can offer a beautiful backdrop to a photo, particularly where the focus on the item is quite strong. Choose a colour and a texture that helps your featured product stand out for a striking and interesting product shot.


Interesting additions to flat lay photos.

Real touch flowers, particularly when they are stems, can be a beautiful addition to a flat lay photo shoot. Lay them strategically in place with your photo subject and you’ll have an added point of interest to highlight a unique photograph. Whether the photo subject is fashion, craft or even stationery, you can add a feminine touch with some real touch flowers.


Beautiful settings for homeware or furniture shoots.

This one’s just a given! Nothing makes a room look brighter, fresher and more modern than some well-matched artificial flower arrangements. Whether they’re placed in a lounge area or on a coffee table as a beautiful, subtle addition to the space or whether they’re front and centre, surrounding smaller statement pieces, they’ll be sure to add some style to your homeware photos.


Spot to hold the tiny details.

Think jewellery, like rings, earrings or dainty necklaces! Draped over some real touch flowers and photographed nice and close, this is the perfect way to showcase a bit of sparkle on a beautiful backdrop. Think about feminine colours and soft textures for your artificial flower arrangements, as these will offer the perfect palette for stand-out jewellery pieces in a beautifully composed photograph.

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