Wrapping Your Single Stem Flowers

A simple floral gift is always appreciated. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or simply going out on a long-awaited date, nothing beats the gesture of giving flowers on such a day. 

If you want to personalize your approach and decide to purchase a single-stemmed flower instead of a typical bouquet, here are some awesome and efficient ways to wrap it.


Method 1: Exposed Stems

Do you want to emphasize the stem of your flower in an artistic manner? This simple and easy-to-follow guide is perfect for what you need. First, you’ll need your single-stem flower (we recommend the Real Touch King Protea or Real Touch Dahlia Flower Stem). Then, choose a wrap (it can be brown paper, pages from old newspaper, colored paper, or crepe paper). 

Fold the paper in half (the resulting shape should be a triangle) then lay your floral stem on the triangle peak with its stem exposed. Finally, secure the wrap with a ribbon, a double-sided tape, or design it with a personal greeting.


Method 2: Enclosed Flower and Wrapped Stem

If exposing the floral stem doesn’t appeal much to you, you can always envelop the whole flower using the same method above with minimal modifications. Instead of exposing the stem while you lay the flower on the wrap, you’ll need to fold the wrap with the stem totally closed inside. 

For example, you have the Real Touch Flower Casablanca Tiger Lily Stem. With the wrap folded like a triangle, you lay the stem in the middle and fold the paper inwards starting with the side closest to you. As you close the remaining side, you can use a tie, a ribbon, or double-sided tape to secure it. 


Method 3: Secured with a Ribbon or Tie

When nothing else seems to work and you want to keep your receiver focused on the beauty of your single-stemmed floral gift, wrapping it with a cute bow, tie or ribbon is a great idea to try. 

You can choose a favorite tie, ribbon, or bow to pair your stem and just give it a good wrap. For example, you have a Real Touch Rose Stem in White as a gift. You can wrap it with a blue ribbon if the receiver’s favorite color is blue. You can also add a personalized card with your message in it.

If you’re on the market for beautiful, long-lasting, and simply thoughtful floral stems, we recommend checking out our collection here. Not only can you purchase single-stemmed flowers as a gift but you can also have them for your bouquet décor collection at home. 

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