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  • Forever Flowering Arcandles Bath Soak Range 3
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    Unwind and destress with these premium bath soaks. Perfect as a gift - but make sure you buy an extra for yourself!! Our rejuvenating range of bath soaks are made with 100% pure and organic essential oil and natural Himalayan salt to refresh your soul temple, bringing nature back into your own home.
  • Arcandles soy candles are made in Australia using non toxic,100% natural soy wax and are scented using only the finest phthalate free botanical fragrances with a high percentage of essential oils. Whether they are used to add as a decorative statement to light up a room or as a stress reliever, Arcandles make a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend. The high quality glass jar can be reused as home décor. It can be used for your stationary or your artificial Forever Flowers!!
  • Do you love coffee body scrubs but can’t handle the mess? Well that’s exactly why we created this product. We approached one of Australia’s leading soap makers and described the messy dilemma. This bar is as ‘hard core’ as any scrub you’ve ever used. Don’t let the fact that its been turned into a soap bar fool you. You may have tried others in the past, but this one was designed to be able to replace the traditional scrubs without losing any of the effectiveness. This bar has a triple shot of coffee to wake your skin up. Cold pressed coffee oil, roasted coffee oil and ground coffee beans. It may not smell as strong as traditional coffee scrubs you’ve used in the past, but it actually has more coffee ‘active’ ingredients. It’s just that the aroma depletes a little in the saponification process (process to turn something into soap).