• Amaranth Body oil is a nourishing body oil that contains a multitude of nutrients from 2 botanicals oils: Andiroba oil and Cherry Kernel oil. Together the 2 powerhouse oils synergise to supremely moisturise your skin as it is rich in Vitamin E and promotes skin elasticity. Infused with amaranth globes and calendula flowers. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties that will calm and nourish your skin. This oil can also be used as a daily moisturiser for your body, belly and hair.
  • All contain White Sage and Lavender. Variations might include Lemon Verbena, Geranium, Cumquat, Statice, Ixodia and Rose. They are all locally harvested and organic or unsprayed! Burn these to cleanse your home or any space, as well as for yourself. Size -10-15cm long x 4cm circumference Each smudging bundle varies.
  • Forever Flowering Arcandles Bath Soak Range 3
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    Unwind and destress with these premium bath soaks. Perfect as a gift - but make sure you buy an extra for yourself!! Our rejuvenating range of bath soaks are made with 100% pure and organic essential oil and natural Himalayan salt to refresh your soul temple, bringing nature back into your own home.
  • Arcandles soy candles are made in Australia using non toxic,100% natural soy wax and are scented using only the finest phthalate free botanical fragrances with a high percentage of essential oils. Whether they are used to add as a decorative statement to light up a room or as a stress reliever, Arcandles make a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend. The high quality glass jar can be reused as home décor. It can be used for your stationary or your artificial Forever Flowers!!
  • Forever Flowering Bramble & Hedge Apple and Candied Rose Petals Nougat Gift
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    A smooth creamy nougat filled with a variety of flavours, topped with berries and flower petals. These gluten Free treats are a lovely addition to any gift box or a great indulgence just for you. These artisanally produced small batch edible gifts come in a range of delicate flavour combinations, why stop at one?
  • Australia's finest 100% Organic & Natural hand-roasted Chocolate Tea. Pure Cacao Husk. ​Vegan & Lactose Friendly, there is no infusion or blending. Free from dairy and no added sugar. High Levels of Antioxidants, Magnesium & Fibre.
  • Simply Detox is a super clarifying serum in gel texture. It has a dual purpose as a serum and a primer for your foundation application. This skincare aims to cleanse the skin from gunk, like pollution, makeup, and bacteria that ends up sitting on our skin, clogging our pores. This serum will help unclog pores, cleanse skin, and leave you with a smoother, brighter complexion with minimised pores and less acne issues due its astringent properties.
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    Our single-serve sizes allow you to take your favourite cocktails with you, from parties to picnics and everything in between. You no longer need to spend your precious party time trying to build a perfectly blended cocktail, the team at Melbourne Martini have done the hard work for you.
  • A Chardonnay led sparkling wine, Chandon Brut celebrates the high quality vineyards of our corner of Australia alongside the complexity deriving from our French heritage and the méthode traditionnelle.
  • Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, with its perfect balance of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier has become one of the world’s most-loved Champagnes. ‘Moët’ is characterised by bright fruitiness and elegant maturity. The palate reveals subtle pear, citrus and brioche notes.
  • Do you love coffee body scrubs but can’t handle the mess? Well that’s exactly why we created this product. We approached one of Australia’s leading soap makers and described the messy dilemma. This bar is as ‘hard core’ as any scrub you’ve ever used. Don’t let the fact that its been turned into a soap bar fool you. You may have tried others in the past, but this one was designed to be able to replace the traditional scrubs without losing any of the effectiveness. This bar has a triple shot of coffee to wake your skin up. Cold pressed coffee oil, roasted coffee oil and ground coffee beans. It may not smell as strong as traditional coffee scrubs you’ve used in the past, but it actually has more coffee ‘active’ ingredients. It’s just that the aroma depletes a little in the saponification process (process to turn something into soap).
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    Weight: 300 grams Creamy on the outside, crunchy on the inside. Take a bite of our scrumptious Chocolate and Strawberry Blast and you won't want to stop at one! Freeze dried strawberries coated in a 29% white or milk chocolate, definitely a show stopper and crowd pleaser.
  • When you can't decide on just one .. Choose the trio! Featuring one of each block: White Chocolate Coated Freeze Dried Strawberries Milk Chocolate Coated Freeze Dried Strawberries Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Crunch Bar
  • Weight: 130 grams From rich milk chocolate blended with cacao salted caramel, we butter-up a confection of extraordinary depth and intensity, where caramelized cane sugar and creamy notes fused with the richness of luscious milk chocolate. This milk chocolate bar with a hint of salted caramel is one of our best sellers. It’s sweet, seductive and absolutely divine. Texturally divine, with salted caramel crisp pearls generously spread across our blocks.
  • All My Love Heart Box

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    This Chocolate heart box really says I LOVE YOU (or I'm REALLY SORRY! *laughs*) Featuring three full-size gourmet chocolate blocks as well as milk and dark chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Chocolate Dream Box

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    It's a Chocolate box sent from Heaven, with a massive rainbow factor of colour and amazing flavours! Even the photo looks so good - if we could, we would eat that too!
  • Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift! Are you looking for a way to say thank you or surprise someone but you are not sure what arrangement might take their fancy? Can’t decide on a colour? If you’re having trouble knowing what to choose – why not give them a Forever Flowering Gift Voucher! This way, they can decide which flowers they would like from our gorgeous selection of arrangements!
    1/ Ordering one gift voucher per order will ensure that email messages and voucher codes are sent individually. 2/ We recomend you do not add any products with gift voucher orders (just check out separately afterwards). If you do, the gift voucher number will not be generated as the remaining order (products you buy) will still be marked as 'processing' until it's dispatched to you.
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    Rainbow { GIFT SET }

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    Don't know what they like? You can't go wrong with these gorgeous items! The gift set includes:
    • Bindi - Real Touch Artificial Flower Arrangement
    • Crystal Water Bottle in Clear Quartz
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    Crystal Water Bottles

    $87.00 inc. GST
    Forever Flowering Crystal Water Drink Bottles available in Rose Quartz or Amethyst. Comes with a free pouch. Easy to clean. Volume: 500mL Height: 25cm Width: 7.5cm
  • Forever Flowering Pink Mademoiselle Flower Arrangement 1
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    A dozen Real Roses that have been treated to be preserved and fresh looking for 1-3 years! The Forever Roses come presented in a ceramic marble vase. *Please note these are not artificial flowers.
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    Adorn : Gift Set

    $297.00 inc. GST
    Don't know what they like? You can't go wrong with three gorgeous items! The gift set includes:
    • Gia - Real Touch Artificial Flower Arrangement
    • Forever Bear in Pink
    • Crystal Water Bottle in Rose Quartz
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    FF Bears_ 10
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    Our artificial Rose bears are made from the highest quality artificial flowers.  They come gift boxed with a black ribbon if purchased separately or unboxed if purchased as part of a hamper gift set. Forever Bears are approximately 40cm tall.